Is it safe to mead Johnson milk powder, baby wing of empty cans

my son childhood name wing, was born a few months not eat milk powder did not find too, hasn't been how long flesh, also is always love sick, but later to mead Johnson milk powder is good, fast one year old now finally looked strong and naughty strength is becoming more and more cannot manage...So today wing mom want to share with you the wing had a few milk powder, and then the key, is it safe to mead Johnson milk powder.

so much milk powder problem over the years, the premise of safety, of course, is to choose milk powder, it's a pity that wing mom also no good way to judge an unsafe milk powder, can only say that as far as possible choose imported from.

in the wing the earliest start eating abbott laboratories, for example, that Ireland milk, is actually the fb, this let wing mom still not enough to feel safe, wing to eat only empty cans is changed for him.

now the world's best raw milk bases in the Netherlands, such as wing for mead Johnson is Dutch original original imported milk powder, so the original mead Johnson milk powder safety?

wing mom read some data, found that the Netherlands is not only the world's best raw milk, milk powder factory is the world's first-class, so the wing mom thinks can be in the original imported, no domestic processed milk powder completely at ease.

of course, the safety of milk powder is just the most basic, just like we eat mead Johnson is not only considered this, the key also look at it - so choose milk powder formula is not so simple.

actually wing to empty cans of the second kind of milk powder is a beauty, good son, is also the Netherlands imported (yes, we only know the Netherlands original later think it is enough safe), then the cause of the change is because the formula, especially to the baby early brain development is the most important composition of DHA, everyone can see the contrast:

is the element in front of the beautiful son 100 ml of DHA content, followed by mead Johnson the DHA content in the powdered milk, 100 g, the beautiful, beautiful son proportionally converted to the same 100 g, is not nearly as DHA content also mead Johnson.

to the baby's mental development more concerned parents should know that a DHA supplement is a deadline, repair before the age of three, and would like to add enough quantity is valid, so after found that the content on the gap, wing mom changed mead Johnson milk powder without hesitation - in fact, mead Johnson in all big milk powder should be the highest levels of DHA.

probably only drink mead Johnson milk powder, can let the baby every day easily added to the international standard of DHA recommended intake (100 mg per day), wing mom also finally don't have to worry about how to wing for additional DHA.

to silver piece of empty cans to sum up experience, choose milk powder safety first, at the same time balancing formula.Buy mead Johnson, for example, both must consider the security of it, also want to see this DHA is a big plus formula, hope attention parents can consult the baby's mental development.

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