Children these symptoms stomach really long "worm", mother carefully make "worm"!!

ms. Zhang: my home is 7 months baby 2 years old, often say belly uncomfortable, sometimes that fart fart, always with the hand scratched the anus, go to see a doctor, the doctor says is belly long "bug", a few days ago ate zentel, three days later came out to a worm, widening like soy milk straw thick long, at that time was really shocked!

ascariasis is the illness more

ascariasis is the most common pediatric intestinal parasitic diseases, hatched from eggs are mainly by hand and food into the body, children like to suck fingers, like to use finger food, also like to put clean toys in the mouth, especially easy possession of the child's fingernails hatched from eggs, if the baby not to wash their hands or wash not clean, easy to food hygiene, ascariasis.

children these symptoms stomach really long

once the child catchs the worm, worm though is not big, but are parasitic in the belly, parents are hard to find, so as a parent, how to discover the child has a worm belly?Concrete has the following four methods:

a see: whether anemia symptoms, pale children may have anemia, or facial edema, hair drier, and poor mental status, malnutrition and growth retardation.

2 was found: a worm baby easy partial eclipse, loss of appetite, indigestion, lead to the more angular, serious can affect the growth and intelligence, and the baby often nervousness, irritability, sleep molars, easy to wake up, etc.

3 q: asked if the baby had symptoms of abdominal pain, because of the worm can produce toxins that cause intestinal cramps, bellyache, characterized by intermittent periumbilical pain, if you press knead can relieve pain, may also appear diarrhea or constipation, etc.

children these symptoms stomach really long

4 check: check whether appear on face and neck skin, "worm" assumes the circular or elliptic white spot piece, with small gray scales, tongue presence of arbutus sample mass, particularly inside of his lower lip mucosa have no millet sample pimples.

the child if the above symptoms, should take children to a hospital checking, for diagnosis treatment.

how to insect repellent?

insect repellent method is very simple, is to eat anthelmintic, by far the most commonly used three kinds of insect repellent is albendazole (zentel), mebendazole (happiness) and levamisole (pagoda sugar), note, however, because "pagoda" sugar this kind of mebendazole drugs can cause certain damage to the liver, 2 children under the age of the liver has not been developed, and children under the age of 2 could not eat such drugs, baby under the age of two who had to consult a pediatrician, the former do not give children eat anthelmintic without authorization.

children these symptoms stomach really long

warm prompt: the worm is primarily on prevention, mainly for children to develop good health habits, wash your hands before the rice then empress must to correct the habit of sucking, frequently your nails, don't eat unclean food, do not drink water.Infants and young children as early as possible to wear full crotch pants, toys, appliances, bedding, temperamental predominance to wash and disinfect.

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