Alert children scratch my butt, also climbed out of the white in the middle of the worm!The doctor said that is not a worm that simple!


last night girlfriends mandy was scared half to death, almost ran their children go to the hospital in the middle of the night.Originally, this several days both her son in the evening to fart eye itching, is that one's fingers itch his bad habits at the beginning, said a few times all don't listen, follow more talkative mentioned it in small, small to her left and right sides, such as the child fell asleep in the morning, took off his pants and see his ass.

don't don't know, a jump off!A take off pants, a mobile phone battery, son fart eye position, unexpectedly climbed out of the several white worms, each 1-2 cm, frighten her mobile phone screen is broken.

alert children scratch my butt, the midnight also climbed out of the white worm! The doctor says is not as simple worm!

what is it?

90% of mothers for the first time to see will be terrified, in fact, this is just a common Nao 3-6 years old children (nao) insect infection.Pinworm is a parasite, appearance is just like a white line, the length of about 2 cm (about half an inch), a sojourner in the intestines of children, sometimes with children eduction of excrement and urine, visible countless white worms crawling in the feces, which is pinworm.( with the worm are two different things! )

pinworm infection infection is most common in the family and the kindergarten, because a person children infected with the pinworm, around the anus itch nao nao with the hand, hands, nails will be stained with eggs.These eggs will stay he once contact through the hands of children's toys, furniture, etc.Eggs can survive for three weeks in vitro under normal room temperature, if the other toys touched with eggs, tables and chairs, etc., will put the eggs into his hand, and then into the mouth, cause infection.

alert children scratch my butt, the midnight also climbed out of the white worm! The doctor says is not as simple worm!

if children have these conditions.Parents to be vigilant!

(1) around the anus itching and sleep uneasy: pinworm always love night lay eggs, so the children feel the anus itching in the evening, more sleep.

(2) the vaginal secretions increase or vaginal itching, see more at the girls.

3. Loss of appetite, weight loss.

(4) the anus or stool found pinworm: if parents in children around the anus or defecate, found that hoar, linear, hair thickness, 0.6-12 cm worms, pinworm is should highly suspected.

small tip: if you hear children say fart eye in the middle of the night always itch, can after children sleep around 2 o 'clock at night to take a flashlight to see whether there is a small white worms around the anus, you can also use transparent sticky tape around the anus, and then save the good, the second day go to a hospital assay to determine whether pinworm infection.

alert children scratch my butt, the midnight also climbed out of the white worm! The doctor says is not as simple worm!

need take timely treatment

pinworm infections can lead to loss of appetite and weight loss, affect the normal development.Girls also can cause vaginal itching or vaginal secretions increase!If confirmed as pinworm infection, timely medical treatment, to follow the doctor's orders, oral drug treatment of pinworm infection can very effectively, benzene reaches down o generally available (zentel) to treat.

mother to learn these prevention

1) ensure everyone in the home clean hands (washing technique with seven steps, for example), especially before eating.

(2) short fingernails, and good clean fingernails, if a child has a rage for biting nails, be sure to get rid of.

3. Discover the child often scratching your anus, to keep an eye.

4. If discover the child symptoms, consult your doctor ahead of time, consider taking a medicine, but avoid by all means eating themselves.

5. Children have 2-3 students in the class in this case, to remind the teacher disinfected or even leave 1-3 days.

6 later need to hot water wash all the bedding, towels, bath towel, and through the clothes, high temperature drying.

7) thoroughly clean may have eggs, including floor, desktop, mesa, toys, toilet seat surface and so on.

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