Pregnancy test a full bladder is not successful, male doctors suggest Yin super, too embarrassed

the net friend if life only such as first: I go to a hospital making pregnancy test, as a full bladder is always is not successful, the doctor advised me to do Yin super, I want to also go, province suffer a full bladder, but when I saw the Yin super room is a male doctor, just want to give up, finally did red face, has a group of interns, not to mention the embarrassment.

many netizens believe that go to a hospital making Yin super, but most of hospital for Yin super female doctors, certainly also has a few doctors is a male doctor, after all, the male doctor of department of gynaecology very popular now.Yin super is what to do then?What should the embarrassed?

vaginal ultrasound, also known as cavity ultrasound, elongated is to probe into the vagina or anus of pelvic cavity viscera to observe a check method.Content is the same as the it with abdominal B to exceed check, are used to check whether there is any tumor on uterine and ovarian and other related diseases, but more clear image display, and be inspectors also need not be a full bladder.For married people, is a choice of vaginal ultrasound, unmarried, B ultrasonic of abdomen can choose or to check through the anus.It is important to note that it is not suitable for vaginal bleeding, vaginitis, sexually transmitted diseases is not appropriate.People with cervical, vaginal and vulvar illness also need to be careful to choose.And middle-late pregnancy and pregnancy bleeding, excessive pelvic mass groups are also unfavorable use.In general, the abdominal ultrasound combined with vaginal ultrasound examination, complement each other, can make the results more accurate.

for male doctors give a vaginal ultrasound is embarrassed, is each people have each person's opinion.

the net friend girl: vaginal ultrasound knows doctor rough, the doctor like driving wave wave stick.........Patients not just embarrassing still hurt............

the net friend deep fragrance: monk eyes anyone is a skeleton inside, the color is empty, the doctor, too, see more than what also don't strange.Contrary to see how he may still sick.

the net friend regret medicine: the doctor of department of gynaecology of domestic cow force.The majority of male.You also want to point what Lao.Afraid of shy himself in the home is not finished.One day the embarrassment.The awkward, the somebody else a day to see how the patient remember who you are.

the net friend ogawa: physical examination, two B ultrasonic room, a male doctor do list row in front of my elder sister is doing Yin chao, male doctor said you this is Yin super directly, do you want to go to the B ultrasonic room, next to the B ultrasonic room is next to the female doctor.The elder sister said nothing, just here...

each netizen how see?Can accept male doctor vaginal ultrasound to do?

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