"That thing" after pregnancy can do?Most people do wrong!


during pregnancy can also make love?I think this is all just pregnant friend wondering, even not pregnant are very curious."It" is, after all, increase the "lubricant" relationship, and a lot of female friends are worried about the husband during pregnancy to betray his own affairs.

so, pregnant "that thing" what can you do?

a lot of books and articles will tell us a the answer is: "pregnancy resolute can't do that", but the latest medical certificate as long as the normal pregnant mother body, can be sex during pregnancy.

knew pregnant notice:

1, pregnancy period of 3 months, and late pregnancy 3 months can't be knew

2, room to use during pregnancy does not oppress pregnant mom abdomen posture, but also temperate, the movement wants light, don't be rude and in-depth

3, 1-2 times a week for good, not too much

the benefits of prenatal sex:

1, mid pregnancy moderately, and are beneficial to the conjugal love and the development of the baby's health.Studies at home and abroad show that couples in love during pregnancy, pregnant women happy, can effectively promote the growth and development of fetus, children born agile reaction, language development and health.

2 knew, pregnancy increase in blood flow to the expected date of childbirth mother mood hormones and the pituitary vasopressin index, happy and hormones.Those hormones can let all happy mother and fetus.A future baby will succeed in the mother reaches cheerful smile inside.Pregnant women's skin will become luster.

although sex during pregnancy had a miscarriage, but not a decisive reason, if must treasure treasure mom dad couldn't help but do be careful.

I'm kapok, Shared parenting education experience, every day the treasure treasure mom dad remember to pay attention to my oh.

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