Child scalds, the best processing time just 2 minutes!These emergency measures mother must know!

child scalds, the best processing time is only 2 minutes! These emergency measures mother must know!

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more than 1 year old boy in the neighborhood at breakfast, accidentally put a bowl of hot soup in the body, very hot belly as big a blister with dates.The whole family was obtained, and the controls to take off your clothes, when wiping and ripped the half a life in a piece of leather...

these days, the little boy's mother remembered this thing to cry: "looking at her son in the hospital the appearance of pain, my heart with a knife ground played. What if the child has a, how can I live..."

children burns, is one of the most bad treatment of an accident.First of all, burns often painful, it is easy to cause infection, serious word will endanger children life;Secondly, after burns easily leave the scar of large area, not only affect the physiological function, can also affect the appearance, much to the child's psychological shadow;In addition, children sexually mature, lively hyperactivity, leading to children more vulnerable to burn.

in the cold winter weather, people use boiled water, water heater, heating furnace, such as more frequently, so the child scald the risk is even greater!

in most cases, the parents were careful, child burn is a small probability event.But if parents usually don't have related emergency response measures, once the danger happening, I would be at sea, delay the optimal timing of treatment, cause irreparable harm to the child.

child scalds, the best processing time just 2 minutes! These emergency measures mother must know!

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so, children after scald how to handle?The folk prescription of the old people mouth work?Optimal mom after consulting the senior doctors around, compiled the following content for you, I hope you can help the children in an emergency.

child scalds, parents have to do five things: salt, take off, bubble, cover, and to send!

01 blunt

child scalds, lint immediately with cold water flows 15 ~ 30 minutes!Purpose is to eliminate the heat burns parts as soon as possible, reduce tissue injury.

cold water is the most crucial step, burns processing is the first choice, the sooner the better!Don't ever believe folk prescription, busy with toothpaste, soy sauce, such as crystal violet, not only easy to cause infection, also hinder the doctor observed burn severity, increase the difficulty of cleaning the wound.


use cold water temperature as room temperature, not water ice, the more the better, more can't use ice compress, can accentuate otherwise skin damage and affect the healing;Water to moderate, not too urgent to break the blister;If burns parts on the face, no water, then soak in cold water towel cold (not ice compress).

child scalds, the best processing time just 2 minutes! These emergency measures mother must know!

02 off

cold water enough time, children after reducing pain, try to gently remove burns in clothing, is not convenient, you can use scissors to cut open.


must be gentle, when to take off the clothes, because sometimes the clothes will stick together with the child's skin and forcibly take off easily broken blisters, and even tore off a piece of flesh, aggravating the injury.If has adhesion is not good to take off, leave synechia, just remove clothing around.

child scalds, the best processing time just 2 minutes! These emergency measures mother must know!

03 bubble

after finishing the first two steps, if only a small area of the burn, you can soak in a basin of cold water, not ice water half an hour or so, in order to relieve pain, mood stable children.


if the child scald area is large, do not soak for a long time, otherwise easy to cause the loss of body temperature, causing unnecessary colds or other bad conditions;Still do not apply to the child.

4 cover

gently with a sterile gauze to cover burn area.If no sterile gauze in the home, with a dry clean towel, etc. Can also, but don't use hairy, floc, because these things are easy to adhesion in the wound.

note: still do not apply to the child.

child scalds, the best processing time just 2 minutes! These emergency measures mother must know!

05 send

through the four step processing, can send medical diagnosis and treatment.Give medical attention to keep warm in the process, still do not apply.

child scalds, the best processing time just 2 minutes! These emergency measures mother must know!

child scalds, these things don't do it!


don't believe folk prescription, burns in children place daub things

folk treatment burns the folk prescription of multifarious: apply toothpaste, with soy sauce, besmear bottom ash, with crystal violet, and apply the badger oil, oil green rat...

on the other hand, scribble, will burn surface pollution, easy to cause infection;, on the other hand, scribble their ointment, potions, and so, many are dense color, not only influence the doctor determine the injury degree, to the subsequent wound cleaning treatment cause trouble.


don't prick blisters, do not touch the wound

blisters inside of liquid, just exudate, is sterile.And once prick blisters, wound lost to protect skin, completely exposed, it greatly increases the risk of bacterial infections.


don't ice compress

use ice water or ice packs, can make scald area of vascular contraction, intensify skin tissue damage, is not conducive to the follow-up of healing.

child scalds, the best processing time just 2 minutes! These emergency measures mother must know!

prevention first, you must be aware of the 10 details

01) must be placed in the thermos, water machine in the home, don't let children touch easily.

02. Using a small sun, warm air blower, etc in the winter of heating, the temperature will be very high, don't let the children touch.

3. Give children a bath when the water heater temperature had better not more than 49 degrees c.Put cold water first, put the hot water, take a shower before should first try the water temperature by hand.

4. Use hot water bag to give the child a warm bed, bed must take;It is best not to give the child to use electric blanket, more can't sleep when connected to an electric power.

5. The kitchen is the place that scald accident, don't let your children play in the kitchen.Pay attention to close the kitchen door (especially when cooking) prevent children suddenly broke into.The food out of the microwave oven, make sure children are not around.Thermal containers, such as rice cooker when filled with hot food, not on the ground and the height.The hot soup on the table when pay attention to prevent children ran suddenly hit.

6. Education children don't play with fire.Ignition equipment should be placed on children can't get to the place.Don't turn off the switch when the gas, in case the children imitate the ignition.

7. The incandescent lamp, shoot the light, such as open when the temperature is very high, don't let the baby touch.Home had better use energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamp temperature is not high.

08. Give children to play with electric toys, to check the circuit and battery in good condition;Don't charge while play plug-in toys to children.In case of electrical short circuit or explosion.

09. Security of choose and buy fireworks, setting off firecrackers don't let the children alone.

10. Teach children fire fighting and emergency rescue, let him learn to protect themselves.

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