Two children in small male god, female male success, postpartum perfect counter attack


dabao is treasure, now two foetuses, their family and are looking forward to treasure!Notice o husband three generations, sincere desire for second child healthy male treasure!To ready now.two foetuses in small male god, female male success, postpartum perfect counter attack

because the baby to bed late, nearly a month to push back the due date.5 months baby sister took me to see the sex, when the doctor told me that seventeen were female treasure, treasure dad know after some disappointing, we first child is female treasure, the hope can both sons and daughters.Treasure to dad said it was all right, we have no pressure, male and female treasure treasure will do.The husband says, actually, but my heart still hope is male.Due to the husband's grandmother ninety, great-grandchildren are female bao in the home, grandfather also like men treasure, so everyone really want a baby boys.So I have been in the circle of female over male.Actually I always feel is male baby, mom feel to be accurate.I'm not really tired, the whole pregnancy nor lethargy, pregnant 2 months didn't know I have a baby, pregnancy reaction in three to four months, after taste.But don't like greasy food all the time, but love hot pot very much, so I eat a lot of time.Usually no taboos, basic eat anything.Nothing feels like spicy, the acid.Late like to eat dessert, ice cream.Belly belly is eggs.The late belly button.Body fat belly, no long stretch marks.

by the due date, the baby wouldn't come out, go to prenatal, doctor brought me in the hospital.41 weeks the whole of the time, the doctor suggested to take measures to help me watched the pelvis and the conditions of the cervical internal checking, said is very good, can try to oxytocin.So under the doctor's advice to eat scrambled egg with the castor oil.The doctor said if no effect on the second day to hang oxytocin injection.20 ten o 'clock in the morning to eat, finish eat two hours't respond the doctor also help me to fill the bowel, poured out my all empty stomach.The whole collapse.At half past two in the afternoon began to contractions pain.Found in records, the beginning is a minute or two painful one.No record is necessary.Endure for two hours at the beginning, the third hour when they began to can not stand.Because there is no frequency fast, breathing time.Then call the husband see a doctor about.The doctor came later said to help me check to see, found that just a finger.So, I collapsed.But the doctor suggested that I myself, because I just ache, this is normal.The doctor said the more powerful the pain, the faster palace mouth open.How fast this time is five o 'clock in the afternoon at six o 'clock.After an hour of life than death.I don't know is how to get through it.Mother-in-law drink porridge in feeding me, mother to help me massage the foot, but also don't buy red bull chocolate are useless.Close to 7 o 'clock, I began to can't help but feel hard.Husband said the doctor, the doctor said to labor room inspection.I am a mother and her husband made with carried in the past, it simply can't walk.This time my mother found I saw red.In the labor room I couldn't climb the bed up and hurt.A look at the doctor say directly go to the room next door, then go to the delivery room.The doctor asked me to not painful hurriedly climb up himself, took off his trousers.Results a climb up the doctor check said quickly, deliver for you right away!I also have never thought so fast.Later the contractions pain is felt something over there the feeling of being out.The doctor prepared things began to help me baby, 35 when the baby came out at 7 PM!Is a male treasure!Nine two 6 kg!3450 grams.two foetuses in small male god, female male success, postpartum perfect counter attack

free at last!I'm very happy is male treasure, feel god still care for me, I have cut side also has the tear, the doctor stitched more than half an hour!But not dozen anesthetic.Out of the room, her in-laws mom and dad husband and husband's brother sister-in-law all outside waiting for me.A husband said to me, the wife was laborious!And I said the first sentence is, I finally finished the task.

last give mother a little personal advice: don't know before scrambled eggs of castor oil effect is so surprising, ah, or didn't also the courage to eat.From 2:30 full to half past seven basically hurt for five hours without a break.Unlike general wage, is a gradual process.So on their own, such as baby sisters try to launch, otherwise is really very painful!As for cesarean section, there is no experience also don't know how.

two foetuses in small male god, female male success, postpartum perfect counter attack

two foetuses in small male god, female male success, postpartum perfect counter attack

every woman is love beautiful, I am no exception.The obstetrician told I need to timely belly in postpartum.The uterus is triangular, baby after birth Uterine emptied internal losing support Will be natural prolapse.Don't just say belly fat not good-looking, the mainest is splanchnic prolapse is the root of all women's disease, and premature aging.Therefore, to timely belly in postpartum in order not to let other organs to go down so fast Time to belly retraction.As to choose what kind of belly in many products, such as: gauze, belly in belt, corsets, etc.Gauze more troublesome oneself a person is bad operation, need family help.Trouble treasure mom can consider corsets, be convenient to wear off directly, had splanchnic prolapse, also can wear corsets while recovering period to improve body shape!!What I use is the blouse and trousers separate styles, personal love, go to the toilet, special convenient, breast milk is the key to belly back, 50 days from 139 jins restored to 110 catties.two foetuses in small male god, female male success, postpartum perfect counter attack

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