Male female fetuses?Women sit male fetus: mothers will look

male female fetuses? Woman sit male fetus: mothers will see said there was a old Chinese medicine, pulse technology first-class, they worship with the villagers, when someone asks, his pulse right?Answer: too accurate, fast the ans village one hundred women pregnant with Eva, to find his pulse, number more than fifty Eva miles.

threshold is a joke, translation a joy.But it does have a traditional Chinese medicine by pulse don't tell the fetus gender.

jin dynasty medical shu-he wang wrote in the sutra of arteries and veins: the woman pregnancy in April, to realize method of men and women, left disease for men, right disease for women, the second son of all disease for a living.

Ming medical also made a similar point of view, zhang jingyue around points of Yin and Yang, left as Yang right for Yin.By the size of Yin and Yang, "as Yang feet for Yin.

the ancient prose translation is, if the mother left than the right of arteries and veins pulse fast and powerful, hold that the possibility of a boy;On the other hand, with girls more likely;If the vein of left and right pulse strength and speed, then there may be pregnant with twins.

male female fetuses? Woman: the male fetus mothers-to-be will see my wife when she was three to four months pregnant is an old Chinese medicine, a pulse, the old Chinese medicine pulse, a handle gently twist XuRan, pulse for a moment, said: "congratulations, pregnant with a constantly chauffeured."My wife is very happy, because his son with the mother, she instantly felt much a helper, is much more confidently to quarrel with me again.But I want a daughter very much, because want to look at your long what kind ^_^ shangbeizi lover.Then, I have a nickname for future son soon - the computation, the wife guessed long, short computation of prenatal education up every day, the name of the left hand at the same time I also, one thousand is a daughter, just call wander, didn't teach wrong because the unborn baby.,

October be pregnant the birth.Is a daughter born, the nurse said.Wife instant dumbfounded, I felt a big surprise!

goodbye old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, I am respect and the spirit of traditional Chinese medicine, and to ask again, why constantly chauffeured became the little princess?The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine slubs XuRan, answer yue: "women sit male fetus."

I pour!

"female child" on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, is originally conceived is a daughter, but reveal the boy's pulse condition.Sat in the same way, "male female fetuses" is originally conceived a son, but show the girl's pulse condition ^_^

now I know why the villagers think that the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine pulse number of prospective.That fifty is not allowed, not male female fetuses, is the woman sit male fetus, of course can't blame the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine: -)

male female fetuses? Woman sit male fetus: mothers will see that TCM pulse forecasting boy or a girl in the folk, but has not found sufficient scientific basis.So, mother accept pulse test men and women to be a guessing game.

mothers-to-be can also surf the Internet search a boy qing female table, to test her belly baby is male or female.On on the basis of measurement, I guessed it, ha ha, this table is better than old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine pulse magic?

the last wish all mothers in the belly baby, healthy full-term birth.

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