The placenta after the wall is a girl

1 placenta after the wall is a girl?

the placenta after the wall is not necessarily the girl.

the placenta after the wall is just a form of placenta, placenta front wall and back wall is a normal phenomenon, there is no relationship between the sex of a baby, folk from the placenta boy or girl is no scientific basis.So, the placenta after wall is not necessarily the girl.

2 placenta after the wall is a girl: factors determining the sex of their fetus

boy or girl is not decided by a woman, and mainly determined by the male sex chromosomes.

sex chromosomes, just as its name implies is a decisive other chromosomes.The human reproductive cells, with 23 of the 46 chromosomes, including 22 for euchromosome, 1 on the sex chromosomes, female sex chromosomes for XX, genotype available 46, XX said;Male dyeing for XY, genotype for 46, XY.Reproductive cells after two meiosis, article 23 pairs of chromosomes into 23, sex chromosome egg contains only one X, and sperm respectively with X or Y chromosome.

placenta after the wall is a girl?

when sperm and egg, the fertilized egg's chromosomes back into 23 pairs.If X chromosomes of sperm and egg, the fertilized egg to XX, development as the female fetuses;If the Y chromosomes of sperm and egg combine, the fertilized egg is XY model, develop into a male fetus.Boy or girl, therefore, depends on to participate in fertilization is X sperm, or Y sperm.And the union of sperm and egg is random, it is not by the will of the people for transfer, so as to sustain human genders roughly balanced, this also is a kind of natural ecological balance, the balance will not damage, otherwise, will cause catastrophic social problem.

X and Y chromosomes found in gender decided to begin to have a correct understanding, in 20 to 50 years, people have further understanding, is generally believed that the Y chromosome is the determinant of having children.Some people think that there is a male on the X chromosome determining factor, when affected by Y chromosome a composition, is pushing undifferentiated gonad medulla to testicular development, and cortical degeneration.If there is no Y in the nuclei, gonad development for ovarian cortex, medulla degradation.In recent years, people found a kind of glycoprotein with Y chromosome chain, namely the histocompatibility antigens, also known as H - Y antigen.It related to the X chromosome genetic factor, the combination of primitive gonad to differentiation of testis.But the theory did not determine the sex of their fetus is one or more genes.

3 placenta after the wall is a girl: factors affecting the sex of their fetus

alkaline body environment

according to years of research, Y sperm alkali resistant acid, alkali environment Y active sperm and egg easily combine, active X sperm in acidic environment, easy to fertilization.At the same time, food acid and alkaline really born a male will affect a woman's risk, this also is current is generally believed that scientific way.By regulating the body's acid and alkaline environment, women to eat more alkaline food, while men are getting a balanced diet, can increase the risk of boys.Alkaline foods include: legumes (with pod or green beans), vegetables, fruits (except bananas, plums, and processing of fruit), milk, corn (maize), tea, kelp, seaweed, yeast, iodine, calcium, vitamin D.

summer or high temperature environment

studies have shown that men and women in sex a month before the temperature of the surroundings, is one of the important factors affect the baby's gender.High temperature will affect the sperm of the X chromosome, is not easy to let a girl was born;The low temperature will affect sperm Y chromosome, let male baby was born is not easy.In general speaking, therefore, the spring and autumn period and the conception is easy boy, summer conception more girls.

both young men and women

men's sperm count will increase and decrease with age, so particularly high risk for girls, this is a proven fact.Likewise, a woman's age, because of the influence of the aging effect, makes the womb, alkaline secretion reduced year by year, gave birth to a girl of an opportunity to also rise sharply.

placenta after the wall is a girl?

want to boy, must be early, both young men and women, good health, sperm egg has the vigor, the probability of boys is larger.Older couples born daughter's risk is higher than a young couple.Male is more than a girl between 25 to 29 years old, younger than 25 years old and older than 29 more female than male.

4 placenta after the wall is a girl: the difference between placenta front wall and back wall

anterior wall of the uterus attached to the placenta or placenta is located in the anterior wall of the uterus, uterine wall attached to the placenta or placenta after the uterus after wall, front wall and back wall placenta belong to normal phenomenon.

but the placenta is located in the back wall, a relatively safe, the placenta is located in the anterior wall, means that the placenta detached palace mouth close, it is easy to slip cause miscarriage or premature birth.So the placenta front wall mother whole need to be more careful during pregnancy, especially mid pregnant again.

5 health tip

after the front wall of the uterus and are part of the normal position of placenta uterine wall.

general doctors feel the placenta after the wall is better, the relative safety.Placenta baby easily injured anterior wall, easy to abortion.But for pregnant mother don't have to worry too much, don't too much movement amplitude at ordinary times, pay attention to rest, avoid down, and knock down the happening of the accident, such as the placenta front wall is also very safe.

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