7 knowledge of neonatal intestinal cramps, can shove case of emergency

takeaway: experienced baby colic parents all know that this will result in the baby crying without a reason, and cry for several hours, at least 3 days a week, for at least three weeks or more.Caused the main reason is that the newborn's digestive system is still immature, muscle easy convulsion, or stomach too much in the air.seven about infant colic, critical moment can use emergency

a, baby colic identification principle

1 , regular cry mode

if your baby has the colic, you will find that he almost cried at the same time every day.In most cases, the baby will be in the evening or night cry, may cry a few minutes to several hours.

2 , it is difficult to calm the baby

because of colic baby will cry, in the form of intense sounds of pain and discomfort, he may be red, especially of the face.You will find the baby crying obvious reason, so I can't let the baby calm down.

7 about infant colic, critical moment can use emergency

colic baby will continue to cry.

3 , frequently change their position

when your baby crying of colic, you will notice some obvious changes.Baby will roll up the legs, clenched his fist, the abdominal muscles are nervous.

2 and understand the knowledge of the baby colic

1 , attack the first time

if your baby is born at term, he may have at birth for the first time in the second week of infection, abdominal pain.If your baby was premature, colic after would begin.

2 , all round lasts about

although the baby crying of colic will be kept in the first several months, but when he was four or five months, colic almost disappeared.In some cases, he will stop in the first 4 weeks after colic is affected.seven about infant colic, critical moment can use emergency

3 , not feeding way

no matter you are feeding breast or bottle-feeding, the baby colic will not have any effect.That is to say, as long as your baby's intestines and stomach development still not mature, will have the opportunity of colic.

4 , not baby's gender

colic qualified no sex occurs.Is whatever is your baby a boy or a girl, he has the equal chance of infection the discomfort of colic.

5 , will not affect health

your baby's birth order will not affect the risk of colic.In addition, to the overall health of the baby colic and development will not have any influence, also won't affect developmental milestones and other achievements.

6 , colic natural stop

when baby colic problems, no matter you nothing can be done to stop it.The same, no matter what you do, it finally naturally stops, you will find that the baby cry no longer without noisy.

7 , cause colic

the cause of the baby colic contains immature digestive system, formed in the stomach gas, hormones are still in the development, the nervous system is still in development, such as these could cause the baby abdominal discomfort.

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