Have healthy male treasure one discharge Symptoms during pregnancy or the male treasure most accurate

grow up want to have a brother, so when the birth of his hope to be able to round a childhood dream, every day after men treasure stick, 39 + 4 discharge, male, 6.8 kg, fulfill a wish.Gratitude.Wish everyone to male, male to female woman.By the way my symptoms of male treasure.has landed healthy male treasure one Symptoms during pregnancy or the male treasure most accurate

1. Prepare pregnant for eight months to conceive, Yin fire also had three months of traditional Chinese medicine recuperates the, and antisperm antibody positive, only knew after ovulation.Contraception at ordinary times.During drinking Chinese traditional medicine conceive.

2. Didn't see red, but has been white yellow.Double blood test is good, more than seven weeks of dry vomit not to come out, can't eat any more, but every time sit two hours' drive to vomit.

3. Seven weeks of gestation sac 30 * 20, B ultrasonic heart is as high as more than 150.A day or more than 150.Heart at ordinary times more than 140.Has been 19 head diameter and femur length difference.B to exceed 16 birth day.

4. Early ph6.5 routine urine, 5.5, 32 weeks 7.Neutrophils has high indeed.White blood cells, too.

5. Pregnancy, according to the lunar calendar March 90.49 every bone and so on all have online algorithm and table qing is a girl.The following print.

6. TaiMeng, lotus root and eggplant, two or three times, the same black snake fangs black rot away.There are many very bloody.Dream took two or three times the boy go home.Mango, pumpkin, peanuts, snow, cows, horses, etc...

has landed healthy male treasure one Symptoms during pregnancy or the male treasure most accurate

7. Hard-working, laundry cooking, work is done.

8. Stretch marks grew up legs, line five months of pregnancy, they don't appear on fine under thick, straight.Navel flat, not outstanding.Skin appears dark and neck print is out.

9. Quickening the accurate, can feel it more than 15 weeks, 18 weeks can kick belly getting jumped up.Stage is on the left, the right of the stage, all above in the stomach, very hard in the arch pain.Small wave turn.

11, face didn't swollen feet, pain in the fingers.

12 34 weeks with friends went to the B to exceed to see men and women, but can only look behind the ass, the doctor said men treasure may be large, they will also feel,

11. Intuition is the most accurate, even if everyone around him to say women treasure, symptoms of female treasure, algorithm of female treasure, still feel is treasure, male what also don't want to buy a little pink, even travel to send pink teddy bear all don't want to give others a child.Treasure dad feel is, and not to touch my belly, he does not love feel, see I touched also said that I spoiled him...has landed healthy male treasure one Symptoms during pregnancy or the male treasure most accurate

so much temporarily, let everybody to female, male to female of male children long and proper!Finally attach algorithm, abdomen form

if you are treasure to mother, pregnancy, pregnancy, or can join our QQ group, 340568972, a treasure mothering circle of communication, inside a lot of second child treasure mom can answer for you

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