Keep thirsty want to drink water just 1 and a half years old baby diabetes!

report from our correspondent recently, hangzhou a hospital pediatric ward staged a speed - children with diabetic ketoacidosis emergency rescue.Child is a girl of only 18 months old, deputy director of the pediatric endocrine specialized subject Xu Fang physician said, this is her 20 years since the first met such a small age children with diabetes.

when children to breathe deep, soft, oral cherry red, pale, gradually become stable after emergency first aid.In the process of history, Xu Fang learned that appeared before the child is actually symptomatic, more drink urine.Children thirst constantly want to drink water a week ago, the original evening just change a diaper, two later want to change.But these problems are neglected by young parents, until the doctor, the doctor diagnosed girls had type 1 diabetes.

but more difficult is the child of subsequent treatment problem, because there is no to add various side dish, the child still is given priority to with breastfeeding, lead to no law of three meals a day eating habit, rice to eat only a few mouth, dishes are chew spit it out, only 10 kg.

and pediatric diabetes treatment in addition to regular insulin therapy, diet therapy is critical.Children need adequate nutrition and quantity of heat, should be regularly dine, quantitative, to maintain stable blood sugar.Distribution of meals: early afternoon late 1/5, 2/5, 2, 5 respectively;2/10 or breakfast, lunch and dinner each 3/10, the lunch and between each account for 1 / l0 bedtime snack.

Xu Fang said, in fact no matter whether to diabetic children, parents should be timely to add side dish, should be set up as soon as possible after 1 year old three meals a day diet, pure breast-feeding is not as long as possible.In addition, patients with diabetes onset age now more and more small, will cause parents pay great attention to.

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