Artificial insemination cost how much how much success rate

artificial insemination test-tube baby, artificial fertilization two kinds, among men and women of infertility is the method of artificial insemination, men and women both parties can choose artificial insemination of ways depending on the situation, but there is a big difference, find out the introduction of artificial insemination, everyone more concern should be the cost of the artificial insemination and success!So artificial insemination cost how much success rate is how much?

artificial insemination cost how many success rate how many

artificial insemination cost how much

artificial insemination cost for thousands of yuan is the highest ten thousand yuan.Should do well in physical examination before do artificial insemination, consulting a doctor about, artificial insemination higher risk than the natural conception, not blindly follow suit.

artificial insemination each prices in general between 3000-8000, different hospital price difference is very big, and the costs also should according to their own circumstances, has something to do with artificial insemination is difficult.So want to artificial insemination couples can seek advice to the professional hospital, to do the inspection before artificial insemination, pay attention to personal hygiene, pay attention to rest.

artificial insemination technology need to use in promoting ovulation drugs to improve the success rate of pregnancy, and may have more than one egg and sperm at the same time, the formation of multiple births, and multiple births and pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, premature birth at increased risk for complications such as there is a close relationship.Using stimulate ovulation drugs may cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, light person characterized by abdominal distension, abdominal pain, weight gain, severe cases, besides the symptoms worse and possible clotting, kidney failure, severe electrolyte disorder, serious life-threatening complications such as water of chest.

artificial insemination cost how many success rate how many

how much success rate of artificial insemination

artificial insemination success rate is about 30%, but depending on the number of sperm or different operating success rate of artificial insemination will also vary.With her husband semen artificial insemination can be because of different sperm count and activity rate differences related to the operating frequency also.If semen is normal, the total success rate can reach 50% 70%.Used for sperm semen artificial insemination success rate is generally a high success rate with her husband semen artificial insemination, with fresh semen of about 70%, if is the use of frozen semen success rate is about 50%, but reduces the risk of spreading the disease.

artificial insemination success rate depends on the following four factors:

1, it is very important to the cause of infertility, sperm count and motility but not sexual intercourse of men, the artificial insemination chances of success were significantly higher than the sperm of men.

2. The woman's age factors also play an important role.If a woman over 35 years old, the pregnant chance significantly reduced.

3, the predictability of ovulation is also very important.Menstruation is the rule, the higher the success rate of pregnancy.

4, endometriosis, or history of pelvic infection or tubal disease reduce the success rate, but always had higher success rate of pregnancy.

with any one of these links in normal, can hinder the success of the pregnant women.Hinder the conception of reason in the woman, may also belong to the man, or in both the male and the female.Suggest to do artificial insemination of husband and wife to the hospital check whether have this several conception, according to the result of inspection, under the guidance of doctors try pregnancy after symptomatic treatment, then make a decision.

artificial insemination cost how many success rate how many

the difference between artificial insemination and test-tube baby

artificial insemination is the male sperm inject women cervix or intrauterine using artificial method, to assist in conceiving method, mainly used for male infertility.Artificial insemination has a spouse between artificial insemination, the artificial insemination two between spouses.

ivf is the auxiliary reproductive technology to sperm and eggs and embryos in vitro to operate after processing into the body to help infertile couples have a series of techniques, including artificial insemination, fallopian tube gametes and in vitro fertilization - embryo transplantation, ivf pregnancy process is the same with normal pregnancy.

artificial insemination cost how many success rate how many

artificial insemination is the most often choose the way to the conception of infertile couples, when choosing to artificial insemination, be sure to complete all inspection, listen to the doctor suggested, so as to improve the success rate of artificial insemination.

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