There's a bug abdominal pain teeth, belly?

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autumn and winter is the best season for children insect repellent.Xiamen city children's hospital doctors said in an interview yesterday, the child may ascaris infection, all the year round but summer more raw fruits and vegetables, coupled with outdoor activities, the time is long, dirty things, are more likely to contact with ascariasis, the eggs hatch into adult generally need about 60 days, so can one-time worm drive clean autumn and winter.But, insect repellent has exquisite, parents not to give the child who had blindly.Status

more than blind drive bug error

the children's hospital pediatric Jin Hongjuan doctor said, some parents find that children often upset stomach, sleeping old molar, love biting nails, nail on the white dot, a white spot on the face, and that the child inside a worm, without inspection, had to the child, this is very wrong.

"intestinal parasitic disease does may cause digestive tract symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, but many other diseases can also cause stomach."Jin Hongjuan introduction, as people living standard rise, roundworm, hookworm and other symptoms of parasitic disease for stomach start is very rare, common parasitic diseases for enterobiasis in children, see more at very child, the common manifestations of the disease are late to sleep after the adult children climbed out of the anus and cause anal pruritus.

about grinding, Jin Hongjuan said that many of the cause of children bruxism, in addition to the activities of the intestinal parasites to stimulate the nerve reflex cause child night sleep molars, indigestion, dinner to eat too much or eating more difficult to digest food, can also cause the child to sleep after grinding.In addition, during the day too excited mood, tension, anger, anxiety, children playing tired, fall asleep after partial nerve is still in the excited state, then also prone to grind their teeth.If teeth occlusal disorders caused by the uneven, can also cause bruxism, and children at the age of 6 to 13 years old are at the right time, in order to meet the upper and lower teeth running-in or gums itch and mild molar phenomenon happens.Some children bruxism because of partial eclipse, picky about food make the body nutritional imbalance, lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body.

nail biting is a common childhood bad habits, see more at age 3 ~ 6 years old children, appear this kind of phenomenon is often associated with mental stress, some children often accompanied by other behavioral problems, such as sleep disturbances, hyperactivity, anxiety, nervousness, tic disorders, thumb sucking, picking your nose, etc.In addition, nail biting can also be caused by trace elements such as zinc, iron in the body to lack citta.

the white spot on the face is what happened?White spot on the face is local disfiguring facial skin, it is possible that white sugar rash or eczema, sunburn, and no link intestinal parasites.

as for white spots in the nail, there is no special exact explanation, less data show the intestinal parasite related.


children under the age of 2 to avoid eat anthelmintic

Jin Hongjuan, points out that children insect repellent, first to assay defecate, figure out whether parasite, a kind of parasites, and then under the guidance of drug use.Blind to insect repellent, not only may increase the parasitic resistance, add difficulties to later insect repellent, possibly because deworming improper drilling biliary acute biliary tract roundworm disease caused by parasites.Also, children under 2 years old, the liver is not fully developed, while most of the insect repellent containing influence the composition of the liver, can cause the child's liver function damage, after taking caused transaminase lifts and anorexia.2 children under the age of the prevention and treatment of intestinal parasitic diseases is the best way to pay attention to life and health, cut off contact with the source of the eggs.

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