For pregnancy failure?Onto the road of artificial insemination

baby some people want to conceive, but more think of carrying on the bosom not.Some female friends for pregnancy have failed for so many years it took to the road of the artificial insemination.Artificial insemination is not just do it well.Artificial insemination will succeed?Do you know the artificial insemination is how to return a responsibility?Today we're going to uncover the mysteries of the artificial insemination.

for pregnancy failure? Onto the road of artificial insemination

artificial insemination is what?

artificial insemination is injected by the intercourse means into the female reproductive tract, the conception of a kind of technology, mainly used for male infertility.Including the use of husband essence for artificial insemination (AIH) and artificial insemination (AID).

for pregnancy failure? Onto the road of artificial insemination

artificial insemination is suitable for which people?

the husband semen insemination:

1, husband due to sexual dysfunction, genital malformation or psychological factors such as sex and infertility.

2, her husband because of less fine, weak sperm, abnormal liquefaction and infertility.

3, women due to abnormal cervical mucus secretion, genital tract malformation or psychological factors lead to sexual intercourse can't wait and infertility.

4, immunity infertility, such as the existence of antisperm antibodies.

for pure artificial insemination indications:

1, less refined, dead sperm disease, severe disease, weak essence and abnormal.

2, vas deferens sterilization operation expected birth and after failure.

3, unfavorable men suffering from fertility of serious genetic diseases, serious somatic disease, mental disorder.

4, marital special type or immune infertility caused by incompatibility factors.

5, not serious maternal blood type and JiuZhi is invalid, can't get for newborns.If the Rh blood group or ABO blood group out, etc.

artificial insemination full:

step one: both sides of husband and wife check

accept artificial insemination infertile women do department of gynaecology, check whether the internal and external genitalia, normal endometrial biopsy glands are in good condition, whether bilateral fallopian tube patency, etc.If the normal, just have to accept the conditions of the artificial insemination.

step 2: collect semen

husband before artificial insemination, want abstinence 3 ~ 5 days.The source of the semen has two kinds: one is the sperm from her husband;The second is semen from volunteers.

fine husband wash hands before and around the penis, with masturbation method takes fine, immediately sent to the laboratory.If the sperm quantity is less, is to collect a few times more semen, saved up enough to use.If the husband there is no sperm in semen, or have other genetic disorders, cannot directly bear, just depends on the volunteer's semen.

step three: semen

for pregnancy failure? Onto the road of artificial insemination

wait until after the semen liquefaction, semen routine analysis.Artificial insemination has a clear requirement on semen quality: demand recovery after semen forward movement sperm total is not less than 10 x 10 / ml, the forward movement of the percentage not less than 35%, this is to ensure a minimum standards to normal pregnancy.

step four: find women oviposit day

find women's ovulation, fertilization time to choose the best.Only the sperm ready, eggs don't cooperate with also bosom not on.Need to find the female's ovulation day, to choose the best fertilization time.Often used for abs oviposit day methods include: determination of the basal body temperature method, the cervical mucus method or continuous vaginal ultrasound examination, etc.

step 5: sperm as

lost is the last step, semen is prepared into need artificial insemination in women.Sperm, sperm from uterine tubal introversion, this process is the process of natural conception, artificial just pushed on sperm, make it less walked from the vagina to the uterus, increases the chances of pregnancy.

for pregnancy failure? Onto the road of artificial insemination

no matter use what method for pregnant, hope that we can all get good pregnant.Today knowledge about artificial insemination is introduced here, next time we see ~

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