Two children mother result (attention postpartum and neonatal care items)


hello, I am a second child treasure mom.

one, let me tell you something about postpartum matters need to pay attention to:

1. Postpartum urine: don't wait for the bladder is full of time to go to the toilet, once feel urinate, must solve immediately.Also have to emphasize safety problems using the toilet, generally for the first time we require bed pee, will emphasize a sit two standing SanZou.Will happen nonetheless maternal orthostatic hypotension, a faint, postoperative day after pull urine tube should be timely since the pee, again to avoid postpartum and postoperative urine tube.

2. After 6 hours after taking sandbags should turn over more activities, help the intestinal peristalsis function resumed as soon as possible, make the product gas discharge smoothly.Exhaust before eating slowly, will only let us weak body slowly recovered. 6 hours after half supine position of the head of a bed, can be taken half supine position, often turn, helps to lochia eduction.

3. Natural birth to bed early, after the first day after pulling urine tube should be early ambulation, gradually increase the workout.

4. Keep vaginal and abdominal incision clean: avoid the wound contact water, maternal puerperal sweat much bacteria is very much also must take a bath, can use clean bath, can back to the shower, but there is no net lochia never before bath, avoid infection. lili: absolutely prohibitive life in 42 days or lochia clean must ban sex, postpartum 42 days after the review, such as to restore the bedroom, but must pay attention to birth control.

5. Protection of big not small.When the two children cry to mother at the same time, should be the boss!Because of dabao emotional need more 2 treasure most is the physiological needs.If this time ignored the big treasure, let dabao shading, will not welcome a baby.

6, for the boss to follow the previous routine.To be alone with time, such as a bedtime story every night, etc., continuation of the previous habits, gradually adapt to the new environment.Must cooperate share the rest of the family to take care of the treasure of the work.

7, let dabao involved in care of the treasure.Engaged to let him to adapt to the role of the elder brother elder sister, let dabao also part of the responsibility, such as amuse the baby/bathe the baby, and give timely praise and encouragement, and made him feel a sense of accomplishment.

2, newborn care note:

the baby was born, many novice mother are at a loss, don't know how to care baby, here introduce a few kinds of neonatal care tips, hope can help to mothers.

1, newborn sleeping position: under normal circumstances, most of the newborn is to lie on your back sleeping posture, because this kind of sleeping posture can relax the muscles, heart and gastrointestinal tract of newborn and bladder oppression at least.But when sleeping on your back, because the tongue relax and fall backward, can affect the respiratory tract unobstructed, should closely observe the newborn sleep at this time.For side sleeping baby, parents should timely adjust left and right, lest cause partial face phenomenon.Newborn babies don't advocate the prone position, prone to accidental suffocation.

2. to coax sleep tips

(1) the baby, the baby to sleep, if his mood is not very stable, mother can hum songs, patted the baby, to give him a pleasant mood and absolute sense of security.

(2) soft music: can choose some soft music to help the baby to sleep.You know, the baby to the music has a natural taste!

(3) backlighting and sleeping: baby to stay in the mother's belly, adapted to sleep in the dark, dark environment.So I can let the baby to sleep in the direction of the backlight, let him get used to that.

3, newborn baby do you want a pillow?

under normal circumstances, a newborn baby is don't need a pillow, because the newborn's spine is straight, not physical bending, neonatal back when lying down and back naturally in the same plane, so the newborn sleep don't need a pillow will not neck muscles tight and neck stiffness.If the newborn baby pillow mat too high easy to create a warp in the neck, instead affects the respiratory function, causing respiratory disorder, affect the normal growth and development.

4, the baby to sleep why startle easily?

3 months baby physiologic startle phenomenon, which is caused by the immature brain development of normal phenomenon, not to deal with.

5, skin care

newborns do not require soap.Soap is a kind of degreasing agent, and the baby's skin is very delicate.He needs to retain all the natural oils, so can only be washed with water before six weeks. 6 weeks after, you can use your choice of any kind of soap.You may want to try a kind of special liquid soap, this soap is added to the bath water line, do not need to wash.Must use fingers well with soap scrub all fold, and then rinse clean.The skin thoroughly wipe dry, wet fold part is very easy to cause inflammation;Never use talcum powder.

the baby wash eye, put a few cotton ball in wet wet water, then drain the water, wipe every closed my eyes when you want to change a new cotton ball, from the inner canthus canthus outward.

8, navel nursing

the baby was born a umbilical cord is clamped and cut immediately, leaving only 5-8 cm roots.In a few days, the umbilical cord is dry, and then it will fall off. the doctor may recommend that you use every day rubbing alcohol and disinfection tampon graze umbilical cord, then cover with sterile dressings.As much as possible to make this area ventilation, because it helps to accelerate shrinkage and heal.If you find that there are red, liquid flows out or other symptoms of infection, please consult counselor or doctor.Don't have to wait for the cord recovery after the baby shower, just take a shower after thoroughly wipe it dry.

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warm prompt:

postpartum gold belly in six months time, this time belly in uniform, effect is very obvious, bao mother postpartum is the need to wear well.Not only can thin body, still can prevent splanchnic prolapse, uterine contractions. postpartum mother's skin is flabby, abdomen, waist also aggravate the burden.Personal advice bought a little belly in clothing.Some sisters think I'll do a month it is necessary to buy so good?Gave birth to the child with the baby when you go out others also suspect you pregnant again?You'll regret it.I am using the belly in garments.Double belly in the blouse and trousers, the effect is very good, wearing not le.The main confined period abdominal specifically for recovery.Just started wearing a week go back a lot of belly, then the whole confined in insist, out of the confined has lost 15 pounds or so.And stomach also closed tight.

second child mother tips (attention postpartum and neonatal care items)

second child mother tips (attention postpartum and neonatal care items)

second child mother tips (attention postpartum and neonatal care items)

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