Pediatric worm big problem, the parents to be vigilant!

infantile worm problem, remain vigilant parents! worm disease in children is common, especially in poor health environment of the countryside, children eating flies contaminated fruits and vegetables is likely to lead to the worm disease.

ten time home, listen to the friend xiao li said her five-year-old daughter have to worm disease in the former period started xiaoli found total molar, baby is sleeping during the day and always say collywobbles, small beautiful beginning didn't care, occasionally to rub, later children collywobbles frequency is higher and higher, the experienced her mother-in-law said may be there's a bug in stomach, xiaoli to take children went to the hospital, it was the worm disease, opened some wormer back, but children are the most hate to take medicine, each small beautiful shouted their children, the home is staging a bitterness drama.

infantile worm problem, remain vigilant parents! later or experienced mother-in-law has coup, her children attack what insect repellent, children stomach worm, take the pumpkin seeds, although the home without pumpkin seeds, but happened to xiao li father-in-law prostatic hyperplasia, urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, every day to buy a bottle of pumpkin seed oil is at home, small beautiful mother-in-law is in pumpkin seeds oil every day to eat honey to children, and I don't know is before eating drugs may play a role, or pumpkin seeds oil played a utility, when xiao li took the children to check again, sure enough the worm is no.

xiaoli also feel suspicious, not see the children get rid of the worm, after hearing the doctor laughed, and generally the worm will dissolve in the body after treatment to eduction body, don't pull the worms out directly.Small beautiful doctor consulted with pumpkin seed oil is can treat ascariasis with honey, the doctor says is have this kind of earthwork, because there is a kind of citrulline in pumpkin seed oil, can remove the worm worm, polyester, fasciolopsis buski and schistosoma parasites, for schistosomiasis and advanced schistosomiasis ascites and other symptoms have a certain effect.Pumpkin seed oil, however, the biggest effect is to improve the male prostate hypertrophy, adjust the function of the bladder and urethra, and sick children or want to check to suit the remedy to the case, it is best not to them.

infantile worm problem, remain vigilant parents! urban sanitation is better, but does not mean that the child will not ascaris infection such as parasites, especially the family live in old house, it is important to note that the placement of fruits and vegetables, because generally old house has a cockroach, cockroach crawled after food, will likely keep eggs in food, children eat after infectious roundworm disease, once the children were parasitic infections, not only the child suffer, dejected, and, more importantly, the parasites in the stomach to absorb nutrients, will seriously affect the child's physical development, parents must be vigilant.

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