Do you know pregnant women eat folic acid pills have side effect

during pregnancy or for moderation, actively taking folic acid during pregnancy products folic acid ingredients, to have very good effect of eugenic and superior nurture.As a method of taking folic acid tablets is not science, or an overdose of folic acid, it will also cause side effects to the human know pregnant women eat folic acid pills have side effects?

1, taking folic acid tablets can cover up early manifestation of vitamin B12 deficiency, caused by nervous system damage;

2, taking folic acid 350 mg may affect the absorption of zinc, zinc and lead to the lack of the developmental delays, low birth weight increases;

3, taking folic acid tablets can interfere with the effect of anticonvulsants, induced seizure patients;

4, individual patient doses of folic acid for a long time to be able to appear anorexia, nausea and gastrointestinal symptoms, including abdominal distention;

5, when a large amount of folic acid, can appear yellow know pregnant women eat folic acid pills have side effects?

6, oral folic acid can improve the giant young red blood cell anemia soon, but can not stop the progress of the nerve damage due to vitamin deficiencies, and if still large dose of folic acid, can further reduce the serum vitamin content, cause nerve damage the irreversible direction.

although taking folic acid will appear side effects, but the clinical side effects due to excess folic acid tablets case is actually rare.So female friends as long as you follow the instructions to take folic acid, is don't have to worry about can cause adverse reactions such as folic acid poisoning.

you know pregnant women eat folic acid pills have side effects?

folic acid piece how to eat won't have side effects

1, folic acid to prevent neural tube defects, usually served with 0.4 mg, once a day, is also a.Generally three months to start taking before becoming pregnant, has been taken to after pregnancy fetal full stop taking when I was 12 weeks, because at that time the development of the baby's neural tube has been basically determined, taking no help again.Need is to avoid too much folic acid tablets, or it will cause side effects of folic acid.

2, maternal pregnancy again, also should be started taking 1 to 3 months before childbirth, in order to prevent the occurrence of neural tube defects, conditional pregnant women can throughout pregnancy and lactation insist on taking, and maternal health, development of the fetus and neonate.Similarly, expectant mothers also cannot too much folic acid know pregnant women eat folic acid pills have side effects?

3, folic acid is best taken in half an hour to an hour after the meal, gets better absorption and utilization, plus there is food, folic acid in composition's not stimulus to the stomach intestines and stomach uncomfortable.

4, folic acid, not take folic acid can interfere with absorption at the same time, promote the utilization rate of folate discharge or reduce the drug, such as vitamin C, salicylic acid, sodium phenytoin, sulfa, orange is rich in vitamin C, so can't eat orange with folic acid supplement.

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