Eat!Infant diet, is the need of how safe?


eat!Verbs, look is a simple question, do you not know that the result of a process of different also is different.Children's diet, is each treasure mother should pay attention to the problem.

eat! Infant diet, what need security?

1: wash your hands often

infants and young children tend to be active, like to contact with different things with the hand, and have the habit of eating a hand, if you don't pay attention to health, don't wash their hands, so many bacteria after baby's tiny fingers into his mouth.

eat! Infant diet, what need security?

2: with boiled water to wash the bowls

as we all know the baby's immune system is much lower than for adults, the tableware of baby should as far as possible and adults used separately, and it is better to water once, before each use to prevent long time need not infected with bacteria.

eat! Infant diet, what need security?

3: don't eat will be expired food

in the market for infant food variety, complexity and choose food for your baby to see when the shelf life, choose the recent food factory, don't choose will be expired food, expired food spoils easily, very adverse to the health of the baby.

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