The baby eat hand?This is perhaps the best answer I've ever seen


you know, the baby to eat hand is not so bad as you think, also didn't you think so far too late.

many parents see the baby to eat hand, will only think about how to stop this behavior, but never think children eat the reasons behind the hand, such routines, is must not really help to the children.

baby eat hand? This is perhaps the best answer I've ever seen ~

the cause of the child eat hand, in the analysis of the game, to sum up, is no more than two points:

physiological reasons:

in hand just in finding satisfaction

sucking baby is born, reflection and demand.

and most of the baby will experience a mouth sensitive period.

a part of the high demand for sucking baby, always feel that something is missing in your mouth also.

but the newborn's brain cannot command he put his hand in his mouth.Baby to grow up to 2, 3 months of age, physical activity will be more and more strong, slowly learn to use his body to satisfy his sense of security and curiosity.

when he put his fingers into his mouth, found missing the satisfaction immediately.(probably is a kind of have to have the feeling that life is perfect.)

actually focus at this time, is not the fingers, fingers just babies the most power control and easily into the mouth of the object.

baby eat hand? This is perhaps the best answer I've ever seen ~

the hand on the physiological needs also carries a lot of benefits:

baby in hand, to strengthen the sense of touch, smell and taste stimulus, promote the development of the neural function, this is a signal in the development of baby intelligence.

put his hand into the mouth, seemingly, it is very simple, but greatly exercises the baby hand flexibility, and hand-eye coordination, finger differentiation and a series of skills development.

in the process of eat hand, baby will slowly aware of the "hand" is "I" part of the body, to distinguish his own body and the outside world gradually.

psychological reasons:

when baby lonely bored, nervous irritability, difficulty sleeping, or physical discomfort, also hopes that by hand from my comfort.

in hand, can let the baby get quiet and comfortable.

careful mother can be found that children in thumb sucking, usually very quiet, don't cry also don't make.

this shows the baby to suck her finger in their psychological development also plays an important role.

this is actually the baby a milestone towards independence.

baby eat hand? This is perhaps the best answer I've ever seen ~

but if the children eat too much hands, may be the story

some children eat hand is extremely serious, eat the fingers deformation, this situation more, want to consider the psychological factors.

, for example, need not get response for a long time, parents to the baby too little attention, parents with time is too short, and so on lead to insecurity.

there are some mother said with time is long, that is about to consider the quality of the company, or the baby itself is high demand for children.

if the baby to eat frequently hand comfort themselves, this is a dangerous signal, mothers should pay attention to change the way to accompany and take reasonable intervention.How intervention:

use action instead of emphasis on

don't remind children hand in hand hand, every time each time you mention are tips to remember to eat his hand in the matter.

as directly with actions instead of words.

found children eat hand, parents unknowingly baby hand by hand press down, then move on to other aspects, such as to see, to hear, to touch.

distraction is a proven way to deal with bear children.Show him the other side, the side took hold of his hands, soon forgotten.

so in imperceptible in, the baby will not handle as a way to way of meet again.

directly to cultivate the habit of right, than the habit of correcting mistakes, much easier.

baby eat hand? This is perhaps the best answer I've ever seen ~

do not use aggressive behavior scare children

whatever the reason, in hand for the baby, is a state of happiness, satisfaction.

if you see a child in hand, playing his hand immediately, or scold him, might scare the children.

because he didn't know what you did wrong, he always feel like this is comfortable, however, the original feel comfortable is wrong?

so easy to let children produce a kind of chaos, and suppress their feelings.

if we don't want to have the habit of eating hand children forever, that is about to consider that how to transfer her this state of happiness, joy to the other items (behavior), or by our offer enough satisfaction.

distracting than to stop effective

to the child's behavior, we always in the first place accurately determine what behavior can do, what can be done.To do, stop immediately, resolute don't allow.

actually, in the right way should be first by observing children's behavior, to understand what he's behind the behavior represents.

baby eat hand? This is perhaps the best answer I've ever seen ~

why children to eat?Shows that he lacks, we lack of elements to change from behind and satisfy, the child is really help.

careful observation is easy to find, every child needs to eat hand conditions are not the same.

some children meet strangers or into a strange environment would eat hand;Some children are emptiness to eat while watching TV.

rather than to stop, not see how children eat hand is what kind of state, what kind of requirements, and then tell him, in addition to eat hand what is the better way.

children through continuous practice, can learn different emotions, how to transfer is a better way.

children see the stranger nervous to eat hand, mothers can tell children uncle aunt like baby, we waved hands Say hi ok?

again such as child boring to eat hand, mothers can guide baby to play games, play toys, let him know that boredom can through a lot of activities.

slowly, as long as the child's heart is more and more strong, he can give up the habit of eating hand naturally.

on the contrary, if we failed to help your child learn to shift work, and not always to give children rely on, then the child is still in a state of emptiness, take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, can't solve the problem of broken.

to summarize:

normal to eat: just for baby wash hands, by him to go to!

excessive eating hands: improve the quality of parent-child interaction, play with much more, anyhow let the children something to do, was too busy to eat hand;At the same time, pay attention to the child's needs, as far as possible let the children happy, satisfied, and a sense of security.

one thing very important: is to do the old man to work, tell them to eat hand is not a bad thing, even if intervention also can't come hard, want to pay attention to methods.

baby eat hand? This is perhaps the best answer I've ever seen ~

a few common small problems Q: baby always eat hand, affect a tooth?

as long as it's not frequent, 24 time to suck her finger in a row, even in coming to eat in a day and will not cause obvious adverse effects to the teeth.

Q: baby hand is easier to eat to bacteria, are more likely to get sick?

can come into contact with bacteria than the articles for daily use, can eat to eat hand virus bacteria is dwarfed.Of course, the premise is that mothers should pay attention to the baby hand clean.

Q: baby eat hand too much, the fingers are deformation?

if the hand is very serious, in addition to improving slowly with the method mentioned in the article, can give the baby to find suitable alternatives.Such as the teeth, toys, appease wipes, pacifier, etc.

if after 5 years of age also eat hand, can consider to see psychological doctor to help.

ps: now is the autumn, the height of virus infection, must be done in a timely manner to the baby's hand is clean, distract baby, avoid you oh ~ ~

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