Baby grow seven features, a can't leak!Mothers, please take note

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although human height is determined by many congenital factors, but to the sons and daughters height treasure mom might not equal to idea, can be in their growth and development period, through the provision of adequate, reasonable nutrition, improve sleep quality, strengthening the movement way, create favorable conditions for the baby grow taller, as far as possible for the baby to reduce unnecessary regret.

baby grow seven features, a can't leak! Mothers, please write down


a secret: outdoor activities every day 1 hour

more outdoor activities can not only build our bodies, can also be helpful to grow taller!

in infants and young children period, can let the child do subject or passive gymnastics.In school-age children, can let him do some jumping upward movement, for example, can let the child rubber band skipping, kick the shuttlecock and all kinds of ball games.In the teen, you can try jumping jumping movement and systemic sports, like basketball, volleyball and so on.

in addition, before the age of 18 children had better not let him lifting weights, barbell, shot put, discus, such as weight training.


book 2: protein, minerals cannot lack

in the period of 10 to 13 years old children, every day they needed protein quality in about 70 grams left and right sides;When the child at the age of 13 to 18 required quality is about 80 grams of protein.However, protein to the child is the best way to know a glass of milk every day, this is one of the keys to increase.

if you want to let the child grow, so in daily absorption minerals must be can not lack of calcium, phosphorus, zinc, at the same time also note to little fat to reduce weight, because obesity increases under the influence of a certain.

baby grow seven features, a can't leak! Mothers, please write down


secret 3: sleep before 10

actually auxin usually secrete peaked during deep sleep at night.If parents want to children with high heads, in the period of children 3 to 6 years old, to ensure that there are 10-12 hours of sleep every day.And elementary, junior high school students had better can ensure that there are 9-10 hours of sleep, high school students remained 8-9 hours of sleep a day.

as soon as possible in order to let the child to enter a state of deep sleep, it is better to let the child falling asleep before 10 PM can.


secret 4: try to let the children less squat

when children squat down for a long time to play, because the legs in a bending state for a long time, is likely to cause poor blood circulation in the legs, bones and is likely to bend outward.So, try to avoid lets the child squatting for a long time.When children squat down to play time is long, need to remind children to other games, less time long squat down.

and sit chair is best can let back on the chair back, such a posture can keep the spine straight.Pay attention to these two points help children grow.


book of five: quantity once every two months height

children are still in the growth and development period, parents per month is best for their children a height measurement.In general, children every year the growth rate of less than 4 cm, and there is a big gap with their peers, as parents to remind more than spirit.Professional agencies should take children to some early detection, such as inspection, growth hormone in the body of the skeletal age detection method to find the real reason for the child long is not high.Then consult experts, to find out why as soon as possible, and to give appropriate treatment.

baby grow seven features, a can't leak! Mothers, please write down


book 6: clothes loose point

if the clothes to the child is too tight may affect blood circulation, especially the sort of can tightly hooped ankle, is very difficult to wear off all the socks, the socks will affect blood circulation in the legs, also does not favor the child grow taller.So try to get the child to wear loose change clothes.


secret seven: don't superstitious heighten supplements

when the children have been long is not high, parents are very concern.Then see now on the market of full of beautiful things in the so-called "higher feed supplements," is to let children try willy-nilly.

if the child's bone age is mature, there will be no effect.If still in puberty, these health care drugs abuse can lead to precocious puberty, but unfavorable to grow taller.Facing these "help high tonic", parents should remember is medicine 3 minutes poison, don't superstitious follow blindly.

increased for baby is every mother hope things, as long as the careful nursing, the day after tomorrow efforts can make up for congenital deficiency of yo.

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