Do you want to artificial insemination

artificial insemination is one of the types of assisted reproduction means of assisted reproduction, as the infertility group there is a growing, many families choose to assisted reproductive way to realize the dream of being a parent, then, infertility patients should choose artificial insemination to help pregnant?

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how artificial insemination assisted reproduction?

artificial insemination is through sexual intercourse, will be after dealing with the optimization of the male semen, directly into the woman's reproductive tract to make free combination of sperm and egg, assist pregnancy assisted reproduction.

by the above, we can see that artificial insemination is a form of assisted reproduction, unlike normal pregnancy, the man's sperm in advance, and after a certain optimization processes, and then, by means of artificial placed directly into the woman's reproductive tract (common for uterine cavity), thanks in large part to solve the problem because the man's cause of infertility.Same as the natural pregnancy, artificial insemination and in vivo fertilization, were optimized, sperm are placed in the woman's reproductive tract also still need to through their own efforts to find the egg form insemination eggs, therefore, artificial fertilization success rate is proportional to the male semen situation.

when sperm egg form will be returned to the womb after fertilization egg, to find the right position on the endometrium implantation take root, grow, develop, last October after pregnancy, childbirth successfully.Therefore, artificial insemination also have strict requirements for the female body, at least one fallopian tube is open, and the same side can ovarian oviposit, can make the egg and sperm meet, at the same time, the woman uterine environment is good, such ability can let the insemination eggs in the healthy growth until delivery.

let's sum up, the do artificial insemination, suitable for what kind of?

1, male patients with abnormal semen.Such as semen quantity is little, low sperm vitality, sperm not liquefaction, etc., but also have certain requirements for male semen, if less serious patients with weak sperm, sperm quality is low, even directly into the womb, you cannot sperm and egg combine insemination or normal growth, can consider ivf at this time, also can choose for artificial insemination, namely a third party donation of normal sperm for artificial insemination.

2 patients, male sexual dysfunction.Unable to complete the conception process, such as impotence, premature ejaculation symptoms of patients.

3, immune infertility patients., such as cervical mucus containing antisperm antibody positive - cervical mucus sperm penetration experiment, the male semen or serum antisperm antibody positive, etc.

4, women cervical factor infertility.Such as the cervical mucus is thick, poor sperm - cervical mucus penetration, cervical inflammation, etc.

do you want to do artificial insemination?

artificial insemination is not anyone can do it, need to meet certain clinical indications.For infertility patients, in accordance with the above indications of artificial insemination, or unexplained infertility patients, can consider to help pregnant by artificial insemination.

what do you want to artificial insemination, but also from the patient's physical condition, treatment situation to decide, the doctor will be given according to the actual situation of patients the best treatment plan.

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