Doing these things will lead to deformity?Are you still doing?

early pregnancy, especially around 2 months pregnant fetuses are particularly vulnerable to interference, even because of some negative effects appear deformity.Look at the cause of fetal abnormalities with four factors exactly?Mothers, please talk about your view, what please leave a message, and help expectant mothers without a sense of health.made of these things can lead to child deformity? Are you doing?

use drug undeserved cause fetal abnormalities

in 1964, the German some pregnant women due to pregnancy reaction taking a drug called thalidomide as a sedative.Shortly after birth in nearly all cases "the seal leg" oaf, causing the world attaches great importance to the role of drug was deformed.People used to think that the placenta is the natural barrier of fetus, no drug can through the placenta into the fetal body.It changed people to understanding of drug was deformed.

made of these things can lead to child deformity? Are you doing?

3 months pregnant before careful use

teratogenic effects of drugs on the fetus is the most sensitive time within three months of pregnancy.During this time, fetal organs are beginning to development, all kinds of protein and lipid synthesis of active cells divide rapidly, and form various organs and tissues.If in the process of synthesis organ cell differentiation by drug interference, can cause fetal organs deformity.Baby after 3 months, each organ forming basic development, use of drugs generally won't happen again again.

made of these things can lead to child deformity? Are you doing?

fetal deformity caused by viral infection

early pregnancy check whether their virus attacks

early in pregnancy, is pregnant mother must do some check, including deformed virus check, most of oaf, a virus, so at the time of pregnancy test pregnant mother must pay special attention.

the incidence of virus infection during pregnancy is higher than normal women, almost all viruses can be transmitted to the fetus.The rubella virus, cytomegalovirus, - varicella zoster virus has serious impact on the fetus.

made of these things can lead to child deformity? Are you doing?

5 virus in

early pregnancy was deformed virus checking is must do, including: rubella virus, cytomegalovirus, B19 tiny virus, chicken pox virus and toxoplasma infection.Not only requires to check each virus IgM, IgG also requires inspection, because the former is said pregnant women are infected with the virus, who said the pregnant woman has been infected.It is worth noting that influenza may also lead to fetal abnormalities.

made of these things can lead to child deformity? Are you doing?

toxic gas lead to fetal abnormalities

invisible toxic gas

pregnant mothers should pay attention to, many containing toxic gas in the life of situations, be careful to avoid.After decoct, fry, boil, fry in the kitchen.Inside the kitchen filled with smoke, oil and gas, baby suffering, however, maybe there will be a flawed bitter fruit.Therefore, should pay attention to the kitchen well ventilated.Pregnant mother should be less as far as possible to the kitchen. Her husband is supposed to take on the responsibility of the cook.

made of these things can lead to child deformities? Are you still doing?

bad living habits lead to fetal abnormalities

used thick makeup

some very beautiful mother, pregnancy after still also change not to drop the habit of makeup, dare not go out to see people think doesn't make up.According to the United States, according to a study of heavy make-up every day, the incidence of fetal abnormalities was not apply make-up of 1.25 times.Mainly cosmetics containing arsenic, lead, mercury and other toxic substances, these substances to be absorbed by the pregnant women of the skin and mucous membrane, can be through the barrier, into the fetal blood circulation, affecting the normal development of the fetus.

made of these things can lead to child deformity? Are you doing? used to keep a pet

few people know the carrier's cat is a kind of threat to cause fetal abnormalities have a lot of infectious agents, and the cat feces is this vicious main way of spreading the disease.

made of these things can lead to child deformity? Are you doing? habit to use the computer for a long time to use the computer for a long time, the pregnant mother highly concentrated, brain nerve overstrain, coupled with the low frequency noise in the environment, radiation, electromagnetic waves, such as affecting the normal development of the fetus, can make the abortion, stillbirths, premature birth, and significantly increased the possibility of abnormal pregnancy.

made of these things can lead to child deformity? Are you doing? malformation fetus early diagnosis and prevention

and do B to exceed time mainly between 20 to 26 weeks of pregnancy, fetal pa/inspections must be, the main purpose is to screening for fetal deformities.In addition, ultrasound can diagnose larger fetal abnormalities, diagnostic rate was one hundred percent, for example, anencephaly single core wall, hydrocephalus, abdominal wall crack, im out.But for the shortage of small deformity, cleft lip and palate these diagnostic rate is not particularly high.

28 weeks pregnancy "fetus" we as inanimate, as a result, during pregnancy to 28 weeks ago can carry on the comprehensive inspection to the "baby", if discover deformities could help develop treatments or termination.

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