Big baby baby ears Shouting, tragedy happens

a colleague who just gave birth to a baby, a full moon wine when everyone went to see him, another colleague family bigger of the two children are, on the next to the baby, the baby feel very fun, suddenly shouted at the baby's ears, the baby's father was very angry, also didn't want to slap struck the boy's face, then take two children to the hospital inspection, the two children were found out to tympanic membrane perforation, too sad, and now I'm basically the two colleagues and arguably become strangers, the two poor children.

big baby baby ears Shouting, tragedy happens


once night take my child to play in the south temple, driving a car the baby sit well, the result came to a little girl, first around me baby, then her grandmother said "oh, like to play with my sister oh" that I don't have the things, as a result the child suddenly my baby "ah" let out a cry and scared my child immediately cry, come home one night are not safe, said my mother scared!From then on don't have to push the children out, car ah ~ ~ ~

big baby baby ears Shouting, tragedy happens

I hate have other children around my home baby, because the child and baby together is the most dangerous, with children near I will take the baby instinctively avoid, or separated children

now some children are naughty, I think, in me, estimate will slap.

take one by one to play in the playground, before tumbling over there are often older children, never watch next to have children in,

once, directly from a high place in my home one by one the position of the jump, fortunately, I have been watching, hurriedly pair of legs pulled open one by one

big baby baby ears Shouting, tragedy happens

yes, I take the baby out now, met in 3.4 years old children avoid the point.Sometimes they inadvertently move is likely to hurt our baby

so there are other kids close to my home baby will watch, not don't like it, and they were afraid to make not happy, because my old is

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