Four tips to teach you to prevent burp the baby

actually, in life, there are many reasons that cause the baby burp, such as mother's feeding method is not correct, the baby's abdominal catch cold catch cold, or the baby to eat too much milk powder, absorbing empty bottles, etc., make baby breathe too much air to cause the baby burp, these are the causes of baby burps.

four tips to teach you to prevent the baby burp

4 big tips to teach you to prevent the baby burp

  1. if baby burps can give the baby to drink boiled water, or do some interesting activities to distract the baby, the baby can improve the symptoms of hiccups.Scattered the baby attention method are: toys, music, etc.

  2. mothers should avoid in quiet baby not feeding.

  3. here special remind a bit, mother breast-feeding her baby door in the process of must keep correct posture.To let the baby sitting on his lap to drink milk;In addition, the baby drink the milk can't overheat or too cold, can't let the baby drink too hard.

  4. mothers give the baby to drink milk can uphold the principle of "small meals", the nurse to feed to the half of the time can let the baby to have a rest, help the baby every exhaust, and then continue to drink.

experts say:

child hiccups occur, is a human means of self-protection, and parents need not worry, as long as find the cause of the hiccups, adopt the method of physical therapy can be based on the cause.

don't want to bring here to remind parents, if your baby hiccupping colleagues accompanied by nausea, should take the baby to the hospital to do a detailed inspection at this moment, to avoid affecting the health of the baby.

four tips to teach you to prevent the baby burp

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