Damn!Pro grandson to grandma's head thrown into the river!

general grandson and grandma's feelings are very good, but the man was killed by the relentless in guangxi his grandmother, but also threw the grandmother's head out of the river, how can he be so cruel?Now the police have put the home near the martial law, are now investigating the incident.

damn! Kiss grandson to grandma's head thrown into the river!

this is occurred in guangxi shanglin, the grandson has 25 years old this year, because they mix in society, don't work well, because with the drug addiction, can't control, after the surname li man because addiction attack is cruel hurt his 72 - year - old grandmother, and grandmother head cut down and thrown into the river, really are, not the human nature.

by this tragedy, let's see an ugly side of human nature, the police has caught on the road near a suspect, then through the investigation and review, the suspect is li mou, he has confessed everything, and have their own facts admit and narrates the process of killed grandma.

damn! Kiss grandson to grandma's head thrown into the river!

how can better avoid children astray?

1, education good boy is indeed a science, at ordinary times don't spoil a child, if a child is too strong, or it is not easy to meet the child desires deviate easily happen, usually don't always spoil their children, for children to carry on the setback education is particularly important.

2, children are generally at the family lost his temper, but some children always blunt outside people lost his temper, this is bad, generally self-centered child is easy to appear various problems of personality, such child is easy to appear problem.

damn! Kiss grandson to grandma's head thrown into the river!

3, generally normal children always want to use their results for a return, but if some parents, children always control the situation is especially bad, for example, you don't do this, for example, you don't like that, these are not what good phenomenon, on the one hand, this child is very selfish, also learn to threat with their parents, this is very problematic, at ordinary times to have a good education of children, let him learn to respect yourself.

damn! Kiss grandson to grandma's head thrown into the river!

4, if a child has a tendency to violence, or go out to grab something is bad, the parents must timely corrective to the child, the education is close friends certainly good education at ordinary times, the child's living environment is particularly important for a child, we have heard of the story of mencius's mother three times, since childhood living environment's influence on children is especially large.

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