Baby pacifier choose to use a little common sense


baby pacifier choose to use a little common sense

a, how to choose a pacifier?

1. The material with the right bottle, also with the right nipple.The pacifier has made of rubber and silicone.Elastic rubber nipple, texture approximation mother's nipple;Without the peculiar smell of the rubber, silicone nipple baby easy to accept, and not easy to aging, heat and corrosion.General advice silicone nipple.

2. The size of the model Months younger children should choose the smaller hole of the pacifier, otherwise may cause child choking milk;Months baby sucking ability increased, can choose hole bigger.There are many models of holes the pacifier in the bottle also.

(1) round hole size small (S) : suitable for cannot control newborn babies with milk.

(2) round hole medium (M) : suitable for 2-3 months, with S pumping takes too long baby.Pumping with the nipple and suck the breast and suck out the milk and the frequency of sucking motion is very close.

(3) round hole size (L) : suitable for the above two kinds of nipple feeding time is too long, but insufficient volume, light weight baby.

(4) of Y type hole: suitable for can self control pumping quantity, play baby use over coffee.

(5) cross hole: suitable for drink juice, rice noodles or other coarse particle drinks, can also be used to eat milk.

2, new pacifier glue taste how purify?

new to buy back the pacifier best disinfection, first with boiling water or on the sterilization pot sterilization, such not only can kill bacteria, also can remove gum flavor.

1. Boiling type

the nipple and the lid off, if it is a plastic bottle, you can put the bottle into the boiling water about ten minutes or so;If it is glass bottle should be placed no boiled water.The water should cover bottle.Pacifiers and cover with boiling water disinfection 5 minutes or so, time is not too long, otherwise easy to deformation.

2. The steam type sterilization

after wash bottles, remove the pacifier and LIDS, on steam sterilization pot, according to the time on the sterilization pot manual operation.

three times, baby pacifiers how long?

the pacifier material is qualitative different, need to change the time also will be different.Pacifiers are divided into two kinds, one kind is latex pacifier, one is silicone pacifiers.

is made of natural rubber latex nipple, more green, health, its softness is closer to postpartum mother's nipples, relative to the silicone pacifiers, baby prefer latex pacifier.However, it also has its disadvantages, it is a rubber smell, some babies will accept no, at the same time compared with silicone pacifiers, its service life is not long, generally only three to four weeks, often need to change the pacifier.

however, silicone pacifier softness than latex pacifier, but it also has its advantages, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and it is not easy to aging hardening, its service life is longer than the life of the latex nipple, generally is about 2 months.One more thing, that is, no peculiar smell of the rubber, silicone nipple some newborn baby, haven't adapt to the harsh smell, you can choose the silicone pacifiers.Another advantage, silicone nipple is baby can promote the secretion of saliva, is conducive to the normal development of oral.General pacifiers used long will appear damaged, or don't have any clean corroded, safe for the baby's diet, must immediately stop, change new pacifier, let the baby more comfortable.

4, baby pacifier which circumstances will change

every weekday, moms also want to take care baby's pacifier, once appear the following situation, is to remind mothers should replace the pacifier.

1, the baby likes to bite nipple, nipple bitten by baby breaking out, that means the replacement pacifier.

2, general baby milk for about ten to fifteen minutes of normal time, if the baby sucking the time more than 15 minutes or more, and see the baby sucking expression shows demanding or sort of restless, generally are on the nipple holes becomes more serious situation is blocked.Smart moms can according to your baby's facial expression, timely adjust the pacifier, you can get on the nipple holes bigger, also can get a new pacifier.

3, used for a period of time may appear the pacifier flimsy - thin, this time we can forcibly dragged the pacifier head should continue to use this method to test time pacifier, head pulled the pacifier, then, if the pacifier snap back, so you can continue to use, if it is baggy, no back to prototype, means that the said goodbye, and the nipple in a pacifier.

4, the pacifier after aging can appear such circumstance, the pacifier looks swell, and feels a bit sticky, it is also a pacifier revealed the change of information to us.

5, if the pacifier in the creation of cracks, breakage, one thousand was not fully brewed milk powder paste, may also fall into the baby's mouth from cracks, baby may cause choking or suffocation.

6, the pacifier is no longer the original translucent appearance, have a little discoloration, it could also be pacifier aging leads to nothing.

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