Vaginal yeast infection during pregnancy treatment recommendations

pregnancy vaginal candida infection treatment recommendations

what causes women are more likely to have a variety of recurrent infection?

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infection during pregnancy is a worry thing, especially with fungal infection.Vaginal yeast infection, often referred to as "yeast infection", relatively common during pregnancy, the incidence of estimate of 10% to 10%.Patients often appear pruritus vulvae, burning pain, stimulation, and occasionally appear dysuria.How to treat?

Michael Postelnick (Chicago, Illinois, northwestern university Feinberg school of medicine, lecturer, senior at northwestern memorial hospital pharmacists of infectious diseases, clinical manager) in an interview with MedScape gives the vaginal candida infection during pregnancy is safe and effective in the treatment of choice.

female progesterone levels increase during pregnancy.Progesterone inhibits neutrophils against the ability of yeast, estrogen destroyed the integrity of the vaginal epithelium, reduced the content of immunoglobulin in vaginal secretions.These problems persist, during pregnancy are more likely to have a variety of maternal infection recurrence.

therapy can relieve symptoms directly.The most commonly used imidazoles drugs for external use only.Although miconazole and clotrimazole is prescription drug, but pregnant women not to take drug, must use it under the guidance of the health care provider.

the miconazole pregnancy drugs as defined by the FDA grade C risk;However, minimum local vaginal dosage can achieve the whole body absorbed dose.Clinical experiments have shown that in the first three months of pregnancy, miconazole on pregnant women are not found in any effects or the fetus.

clotrimazole vaginal preparation risk pregnancy drugs for class B.Not found the middle-late pregnancy mother or fetus have any adverse effects.In the first three months of pregnancy risk classification insufficient data.

gestational candida infection more difficult to effect a radical cure, recommend 7 to 14 days of treatment for a long time.Multi-drug combinations and the advantage of miconazole on pregnancy women can affect the treatment time, however, for women during pregnancy, can only be used for long-term treatment of dosage forms.

suitable miconazole formulations including 100 mg of vaginal suppository or 2% of vaginal cream with 7 days.2% of clotrimazole vaginal cream should be used for 7 days.Recurrent infections should be used for 14 days.

other antifungal drugs during pregnancy research data is limited, miconazole and clotrimazole became the preferred external preparation during pregnancy.

considering the efficacy and safety of oral fluconazole is often used in the gestational candida infection, but oral fluconazole during pregnancy is controversial.

animal experiments have shown that high doses of fluconazole is associated with fetal cranial facial malformations.Denmark a study involving 1079 women, the women in a live birth after 20 weeks of gestation or stillbirth, according to the results in the first three months of pregnancy using short-term fluconazole has nothing to do with congenital malformations.However, a large cohort study in Denmark pointed out that even with low doses of fluconazole during pregnancy will also increase the risk of spontaneous abortion in 48%.Using fluconazole use local azole 62% higher risk of spontaneous abortion.The study prompted the FDA issued the safety warning of oral fluconazole in pregnancy.

summary: summer, vaginal candida infection during pregnancy can only be used under the guidance of the health care provider.Local use during pregnancy imidazoles have plenty of evidence to support the maternal and fetal safety, it is recommended to use time is 7 to 14 days.Although previous research data shows that the dose of fluconazole is used in the treatment of vaginal candida is safe, but recent studies have shown that the unused drugs compared with the use of imidazoles drugs increase the risk of spontaneous abortion, so any circumstances during pregnancy should be careful to avoid using fluconazole.


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