CCTV exposure!The crawling pad 100% toxic, are you still baby?| parent-child encyclopedia

it's hot in summer, a lot of mommy likes to crawl on his floor MATS, let baby crawl in the mat, whether it is "practice" or "panda parties", have cool and refreshing fall. HeatBut the crawling pad is really safe?NO!Recently, CCTV exposed many crawling mat containing was detected formamide , it not only has the reproductive toxicity, also harmful to the eyes, skin and mucous membrane.What, then, crawling mat toxic material?Crawling mat is necessary to buy it?Baby with crawling mat should pay attention to what?The mother quickly and then look down!

"splice type" crawling mat toxic?100% of formamide!

CCTV exposure! The crawling pad 100% toxic, are you still baby? | parent-child encyclopedia

crawling mat can be divided into two kinds of, splicing and integral.Among them, the splicing type crawling mat containing reproductive toxicity substances was detected more than once.Recently, CCTV reported in a 128 batches of children crawling mat sample, sampling observation of 54 splicing type 100% crawling mat detection formamide !And the integral crawling mat is not detected.

how did this happen?Mainly because of monolithic mat foaming process is different from splicing type floor MATS.Monolithic mat is made of butane gas foaming, does not contain formamide.And splicing type foam mat with azobisformamide, manufacturers once the violation to add, often cause excess formamide.

formamide is a kind of what material?It is a kind of compound, is often used in synthetic spices, dye, etc., also can be used as a solvent for plastic processing, but so far has been the European chemicals agency classified as material with reproductive toxicity .If crawling mat contain formamide, it will enter the human body through the respiratory tract and skin and cause irreversible damage to human body.In addition, formamide under the environment of high temperature will also release ammonia, hurt people's eyes and skin mucous membrane.

crawling mat how to choose?3 skills quickly mark

CCTV exposure! The crawling pad 100% toxic, are you still baby? | parent-child encyclopedia

although the splicing type crawling mat is toxic, but mom don't have to worry too much.As a responsible mommy, you can choice monolithic crawling mat for your baby, at the same time from crawling mat material, brand and technology concerns three aspects:

1, the material

crawl crawl pad according to the material can be divided into the EPE cushion, XPE crawl crawl crawl MATS, EVA mat and PVC pad, four kinds of material characteristics vary:


crawl EPE cushion: cost-effective

EPE is essentially polyethylene foam cotton, also known as "pearl cotton", non-toxic tasteless, bright colors, not easy to rub off the advantages of but there are also rough surface, the shortcomings of elastic is not enough, the price is relatively cheap, high performance price ratio.


XPE crawling mat: safe and durable

XPE is a kind of environmental protection material, compared with EPE, high density, good elasticity, high safety, won't cause harm to the baby's tender skin.In addition, XPE crawling mat elasticres ilience, high tensile strength, more durable, but the price is higher, because most of the imports from South Korea.


EVA crawling mat: pattern diversity

the biggest advantages of EVA crawling mat design alternative is much, but most of them are joining together, so even if the price is not expensive, mother also had better not to choose and buy.


PVC crawling mat: non-toxic soft

PVC is also a kind of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, compared with several other material, softness is best, but the price is the highest, is almost XPE crawling mat a few times, on the other hand, PVC crawling mat are heavier, after absorbing water easy to damage.

the above from different sides compared the four common material crawling mat, dear mommy, might as well according to the above selected method to choose the appropriate integral crawling mat oh.

2, brand

mommy when buying crawling mat, best choice products of old brand, because small brand manufacturers may use inferior raw material to save cost, and the big brand manufacturers product quality more assured, more stand the test.

3, craft

crawling mat production process about the same, mommy when the choose and buy, can crawl by looking at the pattern on the surface of the pad, smell the way to identify strengths and weaknesses.

afraid of poisonous dare to use?Crawling mat benefits to know how much

CCTV exposure! The crawling pad 100% toxic, are you still baby? | parent-child encyclopedia

the mommy just because afraid of formamide to crawl away, in fact, a safety to use crawling mat is crucial for your baby, is conducive to the development of the baby's physical and psychological and so on various aspects.Use the following is a baby crawling mat 5 big benefits, mommy look at:


promote brain development

crawling mat pattern diversity, help to promote baby's brain development.Babies often play in the crawling mat, contact with different design, curiosity and thirst for knowledge will also be enhanced.


improve coordination

baby crawl crawl in mat more practice, you can exercise chest muscle, back muscle and limb muscle strength, helps to enhance physical fitness.In addition, increasing number of baby hands activity, the body will get better coordination, bone growth faster.


enhance parent-child communication

mom climbs in the mat and play with the baby, not only helps to parent-child communication, also can let the baby in the mother's guide users to learn more knowledge and gain a rich emotional experience.



crawling mat is soft, baby climb on it, all skin and bones can get very good protection, can the greatest degree avoid baby skin friction with the ground when the cause of damage.


avoid catch cold

baby summer wearing thin, especially "baby bear" often love sitting or lying on the floor, it is easy to catch a cold catch a cold, and crawl a certain thickness of the mat with cold insulation heat preservation effect, can let the baby less affected by the cold of the floor.

use crawling mat, don't ignore the 7 points

CCTV exposure! The crawling pad 100% toxic, are you still baby? | parent-child encyclopedia

of course, crawling mat can give the baby a separate niche, but when used, mommy had better pay attention to the following seven items, so as to avoid improper use self-defeating:


crawling mat just buy back don't use immediately, should first clean with water, dried in the sun to use again.


best crawling mat on flat ground, and don't be fragile, sharp around sundry, lest hurt the baby.


crawling mat the best don't on the table or chair next to the , because the baby may be playing into the table Angle, injury to the head.

4 crawling mat don't place too many gadgets , in order to avoid baby swallowed in play, cause unnecessary damage.


crawling mat use after a period of time to clean, cleaning, usable cotton soft cloth with soap water or detergent scrub.

6 don't let the baby crawl in the pad surface with oily pen writing daub, also don't let the baby with the tongue lick crawling mat or use the teeth bite the crawling mat.

7 crawling mat when not in use to clean away and arrange another time to use, but need to clean disinfection before use.

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