My real process of pregnancy, mothers can to see oh

25 November last year and the husband married, birth certificate to deal with woman also good, still have a month get married, I accidentally pregnant, family are all very happy at that time, I am also very happy, can give birth to a Ma Baobao thinking!

my real process of pregnancy, mothers can look at

no pregnancy reaction at the time, but when I was more than 50 days go to a hospital checking a B to exceed, the doctor said how didn't see heart embryo bud, only empty pregnant bursa, at that time, I also don't understand, but the doctor doubt I'll feel bad, then B ultrasonic room looking for obstetrician doctor let me carry list, I find the obstetrician, the doctor said is not very good, suggested that I go to department of gynaecology, then I went to the door of department of gynaecology, the doctor said you with the list of department of gynaecology is for my people.I was instant tears flow out, call the husband!

a few days later he went to the maternal and child health care hospital had missed abortion surgery, resting at home for a week and then go to work!Abortion should be best after a year later to have children.I comfort myself, friends will comfort me say nature law superior slightly tide, let I don't care!Things have happened, I can only accept.

a year later, we began to prepare pregnant again, eating folic acid in advance, now I work in a hospital, I went to the ultrasound is measured by the way, the follicle, test for three days in a row, all say small, not reached 2.0 X2.0 at that time I suspect that is true there is something wrong with yourself?Because ovulation is left and right sides of ovulation, my colleague told me let me to measure again next month, I test again, still don't see the advantage of follicles, at that time I again check thyroid and endocrine hormone six, both of which is normal.Colleagues told me don't try so hard, you are too nervous, not just eat a little bit of ovulation drugs, after go home, I told the news to her husband, her husband said don't try so hard, I also told the husband may be the baby can't wait years, an estimated chicken baby!The husband said nothing, let nature take its course.

my real process of pregnancy, mothers can look at

I ate no ovulation drugs, I want to wait again, on again a few months and not to take medicine, take medicine, after all, I feel no ovulation nature of good, so I didn't eat it, then I can play soya-bean milk to drink every morning, ask doctor of traditional Chinese medicine after I have bought 2 two deer tire cream to eat!Also relax the mood, also don't try so hard to have children, but knew at the time of ovulation test two stripes.But this month, the boy was coming!Surprise!Beginning with the pregnant test paper measured two stripes, can I have a little not too believe feeling, doubt is true?After two days of repeated testing, make sure is true, this special attention in 47 days when I go to check the progesterone is normal, because had the last time of missed abortion, is afraid of!See the result is very normal, at the time of 57 days made a ultrasound is also very normal and I hear the voice of heart beat, as the pregnant mother at that time my in the mind a little excited!

now I'm at 26 weeks, monkey baby is healthy, quickening all everything is all right, hope that the baby healthy growth came to our side!

this is my true for pregnant process, some for are for pregnant mothers encourage and help, to relax the mood, the mood is really very important!

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