Third-rate parents do nanny, second-class coach, parents do first-class parents like?

third-rate parents do nanny, second-class coach, parents do first-class parents?

"first-class good example to his parents, second-rate parents as a coach, third-rate parents do nanny."

guide language: let's not discuss this sentence of right and wrong, whatever their parents, "role model", "coach", "nanny", there is a common problem facing, is how to deal with their emotional problems.For his father, his father what to education of children, is to use their own manner.Father must be in front of the children of a kind of quality, when the performance manner, especially in adversity, meet the person, not to accept in others to make mistakes, how father show grace, it is a kind of power of mind to bring children also gives children a space.A mother's mood is more important for a child.Mother's character and temper, will directly affect the child's psychological development.Mother gentle, child temperament, tend to be peaceful, stable inner world;Mother if irritable, moody, children also scatterbrained, something emotional, many not easy to do things.So, modern control emotions do mom need to learn the important lesson.

mother to learn the first word is "virtual"

a lot of mom is very smart, you can see that the child's problem, and can't help but point out soon, this is not the connotation of the mother.In the advantages and disadvantages to see their children, the mother don't immediately.Why don't move, because children need space to grow on your own, mother too freely and evaluation, and often make children lose intrinsic motivation, the more care about mother's reaction.Some parents are very wonder child in front of others is very good, got home, the sight of his mother will become another person, become irritable and do not understand.Why, may be the "virtual" didn't do well.Do not and will not be able to virtual mother, unable to provide a space to the child's emotions.The child's emotions get mother's tolerance, or become timid, either strong antagonism, parent-child relationship is difficult to smoothly.

mother to learn the second word is: "weak"

mother in front of the children have to learn to "weak".A strong mother's child is very difficult to confidence, the child's confidence will a little to weaken in the mother has been a strong state.Weakness in front of the child's mother, was actually realize to the child's lift through weakness, the child's heart will be so confident and strong gradually.So, if you want to children of their own self-confidence, learn to show weakness in front of the children.All parents of children have been strong, actually suppress the child's growth and development.

mother to learn the third word is: "soft"

in the process of the growth of children, a mother's real education lies in the "soft" strength.You will find that the more gentle mother, sometimes lead to the child's ability, the more the more tearing voice shout mother to your child, all day is often difficult to do real guide and stimulate the development of children's burden.

every parents attach importance to children's study, however, the mindset of parents should be given?Please don't rush to class, in a hurry to find tutoring, try so hard to find some methods to solve the problem of children's study.

family education is to raise, rather than in teaching.We will need the following special interpretation of two words: one is the heart, the second is love.Education needs to sentient beings, it is the parents in education child must abide by the principles.Teach the wuding method, treatment of different families and children of different growth stage, need method is certainly different.But need to pay attention to have a common principle, that is to sentient beings, love is in front of the ritual.

now so what is the current situation of family education, sentient beings are rude.Parents love children love infinitely, concerned about their children, even children's socks are to give him, give him washing is large enough (children).This is called love?This feeling has lost the value of education.

another status is polite, especially when parents give their children make sense, no feelings.Any level of education, first of all to be educators convey educators themselves true inner feelings.Feelings do, wait until the children are eager to tell us something, parents reason point out again.Must be emotional communication to a certain extent, children will take the initiative to say: "mom, then what should I do then?"A minor at this time in the past, only gives children a guiding ability can be realized.

"parents inner anxiety and fickleness, more terrible than children have learning problems"

children learning problems is not terrible, terrible is guilty of interference sources in children.In other words, children inner support out of the basic level, is the most horrible thing.Parents have to have emotional self-control ability, problems arise, first you don't be impatient, calm down first, adjust their mood is good, and then face the problem.

how to realize the emotional self-regulation and management, it is the parent of a deeper problem."Only a calm heart, is likely to precipitate and absorb the rational thinking of education".Only our parents heart calm down to get educators rational thinking to precipitate into the heart of education, to own a state.If there is no this kind of process, can't put it into his own in a kind of state, have you read any education concept is invalid.Because they cannot afford to internalize and deposit, you can't have the implementation of education capital, can't take the things the education experts in their families to be realized.

"family education space must be left to children"

family education if you want to do, should make great efforts to do in two head, a head is his father, a mother, among this period, any child's growth is in the process of winding, this space is for children, not mind.

the first-class parents put on, don't understand education of parents on tube, tube children is one hundred percent of the failure, let children have a fifty percent success.Holding the child every day not to put the family jump to the wrong room, this space is every child themselves independently, but a lot of parents to participate in this space inside stared at not to put, can't pull it out, don't let him not tube, don't let his pipe, there is no other things can be.

some parents say, you let me have no matter?Let you put is not no matter, let you stand to your role.Do maintenance to the child's emotions, rather than to the child's behavior level too much.Too much participation is equal to we unconsciously, dedicated in making mistakes.

"parental education released energy, sufficient to cause the enthusiasm of children learn"

when a person lose enthusiasm in learning, it is a good IQ is not very good play.Some parents said that children behaved badly, don't study hard.In fact, "help to oneself, for oneself is better than studying".The most obvious feature of the Chinese culture is in view, "university" in "is the heart, and sincerity", whose heart is?Is the heart of the parents, and then is the child's heart.

actually, temperament differences determines the children's study, the temperament of children's state of the parents gradually internalized to give them a kind of temperament, just like our professional habits.If a parent is always cold within, blundering state, any education thought in his psychological face go like table tennis, bounce back, children, too.Parents' emotional gestates child learning mood and temperament.

start the energy of the family education, the first to launch the parents and children inner circulation of natural emotion.Our emotions and emotional strength between parents and children, to the extent of the "on".Heart is hot, hot enough to roast children.Take what to shape a child's mind, to shape children's temperament, is to take our parents the right mood.

today many children not to lack, but the lack of affection, fuzzy.Parents is the biggest enlightenment, children love and if you're a piece of the enlightenment of power lost, to the child to performance must be a pity.

watch the return of the family education is the true feelings and culture and heritage, family education can no longer stand up to the method and technical level, should stand to the space to examine culture and philosophy.

all parents is the carrier of culture, different family culture cultivated children's temperament is different.Culture is the flag of education, education to achieve the highest point is culture, and of, without speaking children heart had been touched and transformed by us, at the same time to produce another kind of life.

the parents to the cultivation of quality of education and promote oneself, just is the beginning of the realization of family education function.Children's inner logic, and we adults between inner abide by the logic of thinking is not the same, there is a conflict.But they are of this kind of logic is not necessarily bad, we need to development, in the face of and guidance.We want to ask is: our education reserve enough, our family education enough energy, we have enough education accomplishment.

"fish is water, a tree on a root, or is enrolled in"

on education, the method of strength is limited, the parents education child really lack is what problem, really lack is not the way, is a state, is the parents' education status.Now there are a lot of mother reason made me feel more terrible, when it comes to a child, lack of emotional foundation, the lack of emotional support.Mother of the rational on children education problem is very terrible.Father and education there is a distance, the distance is not terrible, but my father to show that in the location of the family education in the space, to express what is in the home to the child's spirit guide.

education best is an "a" word.Family education is raising, not teaching.Now children learning problems, all sorts of problems is classified into the heart, heart in the face of lack of enthusiasm.Fish farming is raising water, have a tree is a root, or yangxin.

if the heart of a child at home not curing, not effectively nourish, talent wise has no foundation;High IQ again, does not have the proper, the corresponding state of mind, talent is hard to play.We first how do not speak the child's heart, look at children heart of man, also is the heart of the parents is not suitable for children, or how to achieve the status of raising children.

how to ignite children learning enthusiasm, inner light to a certain temperature, need certain state to ignite.If parents heart is indifference, numbness, or anxious, we hard to ignite the enthusiasm of the children learn.When facing children regardless of any situation, please remember, as a mother, guarantee oneself mood calm, this is your greatest education for children

third-rate parents do nanny, second-rate coaches, parents do first-class parents like?

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