Father to drink his daughter's breast family war, adults can drink milk?


today say first lie prone to lie prone you heard about the wonderful work of two days ago.

lie prone to lie prone soon you have a cousin just gave birth to the child, in order to facilitate take care of her parents took her to his home to look after.Cousin more than breast milk, often to feed the children and the excess, she came out with a breast pump suction and then pour out directly.Later, her parents see, just like she said: don't fall down, to give them.

father of her daughter's breast family war, adults can drink milk?

that one night, she also habitually milk sucked out, there are almost 150 ml, then gave her father.Father took the bottle into the kitchen, didn't think was shengfan cousin husband saw just came in. every cousin suck out of breast milk was eaten by their parents.

cousin husband see later, was shocked, repeatedly questioned father daughter why want to drink milk.Cousin father replied: "this is my daughter's blood into the milk, poured what a shame!"

cousin husband immediately said can't accept, also increased the problem to the quality problem of the family, the think against tianlun, with husbands, mother-in-law had a big fight, then cutting back to his home.Cousin feel very grievance, so she really didn't know my parents have their breast milk.It's no big deal, and she felt that people drink is better than wasted.

father of her daughter's breast family war, adults can drink milk?

this matter itself, lie prone on you won't be the parents have no justification to comment, but said they could not drink the milk adult does today. a lot of cow mother have such trouble, baby milk is too much to drink not over, frozen up also don't know the ways to use, poured too waste, then give adults drink is a feasible way?

first of all, to be sure, the adults drink milk can, of course, it will not hurt to .But also not much benefits.Many people think that have special nutrition milk, and even to have anti-cancer, fitness, and maintaining the energy magical effect, these are not exist.

breast milk is the best food for the newborn, because human milk protein contains disease antibody, can help the newborn not formed their own resistance against the outside of the virus.

this protein after baby's bowel won't break down, can be directly absorbed.But adults physical mechanism can decompose the protein in milk, cannot achieve the effect of resistance.

father of her daughter's breast family war, adults can drink milk?

and nutritional value of milk is suitable for neonatal development needs.For adults, this is clearly not enough nutrition.Milk protein content is 3%, for example, common essence, protein can reach 20%,

in breast milk content is one of the biggest is moisture, accounts for about 90%, does not exist is by blood into this.In other words, for adults, drinking breast milk is almost equivalent to drink water.As to what to do not drink, it informed with respect.

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