park geun-hye case ushered in the new turn


park geun-hye and lee jae-yong

samsung prince lee jae-yong out of jail.<br/>

lee jae-yong commutation and dissatisfaction with the opposition from south korean society, reflecting the eliminate the difficulty of the"chaebol politics"in korea, like his father lee kun-hee, jailed for many times, but often be commuted or amnesty, south korea's samsung and samsung of south korea, seems to have a problem.

lee jae-yong sentenced last year, there are five charges, was sentenced to five years, the second sentence has the very big change, for the rest, a half sentence, suspended for four years.

after the verdict, lee jae-yong also walked out of the jail and visited the hospital's father, lee kun-hee, returned to their jobs.

for samsung, it's a good news, though samsung daily management and operation is not affected, but the major investment and personnel arrangement has been delayed.

but in the past year, samsung's performance once again prove that south korea's samsung, is mr lee led south korea's bid to host the winter olympics pyeongchang, samsung's market value accounting for one third of south korea's stock market value, say, half of the south korean economy jiang shanzai samsung.

the park geun-hye"trial of the century"of wen is a big challenge in yin government

lee jae-yong also relates to the fate of the south korean economy, can say samsung is too important, lee jae-yong not in prison.

this is one of south korea's chaebol political reality,"too big to fail","big and exemption", judicial justice, but politics still plays a very important role.

for realization of economic democracy and justice, south korea also need quite a long way to go, and now it is difficult to see a president or party has the ability to break up south korea's chaebol economic system.

from the system, so to speak, south korea's chaebol politics is the necessary outcome of a president is no good end, the chaebol leaders scandal, the paradox is that the korean economy has realized the great boom, among the ranks of the developed countries.

this is why?korean scholar david kang, there is a very interesting point:"south korea a handful of big companies(chaebol) will strengthen its political ties as important content of its business strategy.

country and the balance of power in the business, to prevent the other team's the same time although money politics still exist, but also constrained."south korea's chaebol between elite politics is a political and business elites"hostage"to each other, eventually reached a balance, countries can neither"predatory"enterprises, and enterprises are also impossible to"capture"countries, therefore, although the president was tried, but most were pardoned;and business leaders.

plutocrats's reputation is not good, but the country's economy is growing, many presidential candidate said as hell to achieve economic democracy, make the development of small and medium-sized enterprises rise, but after he came into power, but they can't do that, including park geun-hye.

park geun-hye

lee jae-yong convicted of a crime is close to the park geun-hye cui shun bribes, when the second trial, the court held that mr lee is a bribe, the first-instance decided to inherit the"operating"and bribery had the very big difference.

lee jae-yong also once said in court, no one can obey the will of the park geun-hye, implying that their behavior is a necessity.

this is also a reflection of south korea's chaebol political government gives discount to the large enterprises, while politicians can also be reached from large companies, democratization in the 80 s, after the election and money are also beginning to marriage, further extend existing money politics.

because while between the close and opaque, interconnected, eventually form a balanced, like the prisoner's dilemma,"justice"to play at a discount, in order to realize the equilibrium between business.

lee jae-yong commutation reason is clearly biased towards the business, rather than politics, lee jae-yong bribery into"bribe", obviously not conducive to park geun-hye, however, mr lee's other charges, especially cui shunshi to the interests of the company has not been classified as"bribe", objectively and to reduce the park geun-hye's guilt.

as a result, a south korean lawmakers to think park geun-hye sentencing will be given a lighter.

history mode is activated again, the chaebol political logic still apply."mutual holding"and business structure, independent judiciary and the changing of party politics, the future of south korea's chaebol political remains.

of course, there are also people who believe that such as samsung korea"dinosaur"level of enterprises to expand the international market, south korea, having structure may change, enterprises can gradually from the business relationship in the past.

however, unless the korean economy can get rid of the influence of the chaebol, otherwise, the business structure is hard to surpass from the original path.

samsung, park geun-hye"trial of the century"to the government of the article in yin is a big challenge.

coordinating editor:xin-yu jiang

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