the assassination of the president of the united states to new rules issued by medical saved another president after one hundred

in 1880, the united states james garfield become republicans 20th president of the united states.ambitious he believed oneself in the president's position on the fixed on the ball out of a brilliant career.

at the time, the american republican corruption is very serious, sold to buy officer officer is the norm.once, an unemployed lawyer in chicago that can buy officer, want to bribe the republicans for yourself to get a tight.unfortunately, the lawyer bad luck, just took office, garfield has carried on the bold reforms to republicans, sell buy officer officer was banned.the lawyer hopes.then he blamed the guilt on garfield, crazy idea and moved to assassinate the president.

one day in july 1881, garfield to washington at the railway this time, the unemployment in the preparation for a long time lawyers recklessly to garfield even fired two shots.injured, garfield was immediately taken to the best hospital in washington, around the country famous doctors quickly to consultation.because of the sudden, many doctors are directly from their respective work came to the hospital, before they even surgical clothing change had to make a diagnosis and give treatment.yet it is a negligence leading to garfield.

the garfield as soon as possible to the body out of bullets, many doctors directly handle and instruments into garfield's looking for in the body.looking for a long time also didn't find the bullet, after doctors had to be a inventor invented a fast into garfield instruments to help find the bullet of the body.unfortunately, due to interference of metal parts garfield bed, doctors use instruments also failed to find the bullet.even worse, because there are so many doctors involved in the diagnosis and treatment, will you be in tao tao, garfield, the body has a doctor unexpectedly accidentally garfield's liver burst.

this is in trouble, in order not to hurt garfield's gut, doctors made garfield, eating is prohibited, the changed to use transportation nutrient solution and drug way to garfield to sustain life.then, in a day of 3 eat are like enema to serve, from time to time, and the doctor in the body with the hand that no disinfection to"cure", the age of 50, garfield in bed suffering died two months later.

the news of the president's death in the united states created quite a stir, people require an overhaul of the president's cause of death.under the pressure of public opinion, doctors were forced to examine the body of the garfield, finally found the main cause of its death is not a gunshot wound, but during treatment the doctors do not pay attention to hygiene and disinfection of bacterial infections.

the results of the survey, the outcry.all participants in the treatment of doctors regret:get along while, himself is the real murderer killed the president.

fortunately, from then on, in order to not to let more people died of bacterial infections in the cure, the doctor started really attaches great importance to the british invented a famous surgeon surgical disinfection method.american medical and therefore, all doctors must be strict disinfection measures before the surgery, all medical apparatus and instruments must be sterilized and contact.and the regulation in one hundred not only saved later also shot wounded after president reagan, also benefit a myriad of other patients.

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