kim jong un report to hear korean high-level delegation will continue to improve north-south relations

the end of the visit to korea home 12 senior north korean delegation from north korea's leader, kim jong un's meeting.according to the central news agency reported sunday, kim jong un, shook hands with the delegation members and accompanying personnel, and listen to the report.

it is reported that north korea's supreme people's assembly standing committee chairman kim yong-nam detailed report to kim jong un delegation to attend the 23rd olympics opening ceremony and activities such as access to the blue jong un special envoy, workers' party of korea central deputy first minister kim with positive report, kim jong un, the south korean president in south korea officials such as yin wen contact situation, control during the activity of the intention and the trends, etc.

kim jong un, satisfied with the report of the delegation said, noting that south korea pay special attention to high-level delegation to attend the winter games such as the dprk personnel access, all sincerity to ensure their convenience and activities to give a deep impression,"hamedzada said.

kcna news agency, said kim jong un, says it is important to further enhance to the games as an opportunity to"strong desire and the northern and southern general will bring the good atmosphere of reconciliation and dialog, continue to accumulate good results".he also specify the future improvement and development direction of north-south relations, specific measures to the relevant departments will establish relevant made important instructions.

north korea on the evening of 11 high-level delegation ended in three day visit to south korea, kim yong-nam, gold and is attended the opening ceremony of the winter olympics held on the evening of 9.10, article in yin in the blue house, met with the delegation a line for lunch, gold and are as north korea's leader, kim jong un special envoy, on the day of xiangwen in yin handed him, kim jong un, to improve inter-korean relations handwritten letters, and conveyed the text in the yin oral invitation to visit north yin said, hope in the future to create conditions, implementation's visit.

according to the washington post reported, the same end visit to south korea's vice president of the united states burns on his way home, said the united states is willing to consider to restart talks with north korea.burns, with wen during his visit to korea in yin had two substance conversation, agree on further contact with north korea-han guoxian, america may soon will follow.

cctv news quoted yonhap reported that south korea's unification ministry official said 12, north korea high-level delegation's visit to korea for a peaceful solution to the problem of the korean peninsula, but no progress denuclearization of south korea in the future work will focus on leading the dprk's dialogue.south korean government's claims shall be at the end of the pyeongchang winter olympics and the winter paralympics, south korea joint military exercise schedule has not yet been determined before the end of march, start the dprk-us dialogue.

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