british colonial india years were afraid to colonial india does not have chinese three reasons

uk, known as the"day not fall"empire, the colonial spread around the world, britain rely on these colonies, accumulated a large amount of wealth.some people say that britain has lost its past glory, actually this is just an illusion, although not as brilliant as the 18th and 19th century british, but the foundation of the"day not fall empire"is too good, somebody else with sterling is by far the world's most expensive money.

although britain was powerful, occupation and colonization in many countries, but a lot of british colonial countries, not only don't hate britain, and grateful to britain.far do not say, is our neighboring india, was the british colonial for nearly 200 years, but india does not hate the uk, on the contrary relation is iron.this makes people don't understand.

in the same way, in the opium war opened the uk also china's closed doors, let the qing dynasty realized the power of the industrial revolution.the uk then makes disturbance unceasingly in the chinese border, even with the g8 coalition forces killed to the city of beijing.although britain bullied in qing dynasty, but did not like the colonial india colonial china.there are three main reasons:

a, china is a unified country

contrast between china and india, india in the ancient and modern times, is not a unified whole country, india is by british colonial just had so much territory now.

china has not, since the qin dynasty, various dynasties have been pay attention to"unification", the surrounding some of the central plains dynasty vassal state, some belong huanghe river dynasty in this kind of unified concept in one thousand, british people do not see, they can humiliate towards, but completely to occupy, britain also dare not, i'm afraid.

second, the nation's centripetal force

after the qing shanhaiguan, ongoing between ethnic fusion, also inherited the traditional chinese dynasty, foreign the suzerain claims.although the opium war, the qing dynasty was once gone downhill, but when the qing dynasty national centripetal force is not, and even the movement of the taiping heavenly kingdom, it is only the family the face of foreign invasion, anyone would fight.

this british than anyone see clear.while india is different, both hierarchical, between peoples and each race and not the national consciousness, like a fragmented, it's easy to british colonial rule.

3, traditional resist force

as the saying goes:the occupation of a country will destroy its culture, and then transplanted to the country's culture.japan invaded china to implement the bad.historically, china is in itself a assimilation ability of ethnic fusion, but the british are barbarians of the qing the time, the british can't say how many ancient history, original the national history and culture is not long, mainly by the results of the industrial revolution.willingness to accept the results of different between china and india, the british sent envoys to the qing dynasty, emperor qianlong to britain's advanced things, not to mention ordinary people.

although india and china are known as the ancient civilizations, but india's ancient civilization would have disappeared, and india's most historical materials in a fairy tale, credibility is not high.regardless of the aristocratic class also civilians, there is no a concept of sincere history and culture.britain into india, indians were easy to accept the new things.

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