outrageous!two chinese primary school girl travel activities but by pastor s infringement!

recently, the chinese teenage girls together things hurt caused a lot of people in the united states.the site is a hotel in the city of california branch wiener, bully is 40, the local clergy douglas rivera(douglas rivera).at present, rivera has been is wanted by the police.

according to local media reports, encountered do not describe with two chinese primary school girl's age is between 10 to 12 years old, they are following the tour from china to los angeles to study, don't speak english, need to rely on the guardian translation to communicate with the police.the day the incident, the tour is in the hotel, two little girls in the room, they didn't pull a curtain, sat on the bed frolicking.

this scene happened, is driving the truck across the parking lot of the hotel rivera see in the eye, according to the monitor screen display, see the drawing window rivera, not to continue driving, he put the fire, as she watched the two little girls frolic, while carrying on the do not describe the hand of the behavior.

then, rivera off pretend to on the phone, and have been looking around the room, lasted half an hour, and then walked to the hotel lobby.

in the hotel to monitor screen, rivera came to the door of two little girls, constantly knocking at the door, monitoring after the girl to the police, said:"the child thought is that we(parents) knocking at the door, so he didn't want to open a door".

to open the door, rivera to physically's absolute advantage, brought down one of the little girl, implemented a cannot describe the behavior of and after the successful, driving away from the scene.

the girl guardian said:"it brings to the child's psychological shadow cannot be described, they even don't know what happened, and i don't know who i can ask for help."

police descriptions provided according to the girl, and monitor the analysis of the images, the police quickly locked the suspect's true identity:the man named douglas rivera, 40, professional priests.belonging to the los angeles famous denominations"gypsy church god", in the church's website can query to the information about him, and worship activities.at the same time, the police public rivera information through the media, and called for a clue of citizens to provide clues to the police, and began in los angeles area.

shortly after the next day, rivera on their social media, uploading a video, the video, he claimed that he was innocent, and the fact of sexual abuse described as"i'm just into the wrong place at the wrong time, that's all."surrender, he said he would report and accept punishment into prison.

but nice words, but the police found in his house that truck appeared on the scene, the color of the car has been repainted, police have reason to believe that this is rivera modified behavior in order to facilitate run.

"we have not received any news from the suspect."police told media that"the suspect did not show any signs of want to communicate.if he really is innocent, he should take the initiative to contact us, we would be happy to talk to him."

has also responded to the local church, their experiences of girls and their families condolences and prayers.also said that the so-called"gypsy"church church organization itself has no relationship with them.

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