old boy cruel torture, baby now and live at ease?


recently, pile of the murder happened in more than 20 years ago, and caused a great stir in the uk.discontent, the government incompetence, even prison inmates are starting to violence with violence and killing the murderer of the case.

on february 12, 1993, there was a dreadful murder in britain.two killers in the shopping center after the implementation of theft, kidnapped a 2-year-old child, to be tortured to death, place your body on the tracks, in an attempt to forge the train scene of the accident.

the two boys in the picture, a face of virtuous harmless, grow and heavy, on now is also a fairly good children, they have only 10 years old that year.

left:jon venables right:robert thompson

robert thompson(robert thompson), has three brothers in the home, his family's tradition is big deceit small, long deceives young.by brother and dad for a long time to beat and scold scold, he gradually began to revolt, become a problem students, cut class is the norm for him.

jon venables(jon venables), too, like to watch horror movies, and do not love to go to school, often skip classes.they found that the two sides after meeting with robert's birthday just 10 days, not only is tired, also likes being naughty and small animal abuse, talk and feel bore.

so tampered with two people tend to go together the same rotten tastes.this day, both of them are really carefree get boring, don't want to go to class, decided to steal something.

the crime on the same day, they came to the shopping center, first to steal to eat, is not found, courage is big.a circle around, they're stolen dolls, batteries and a bucket of paint.


so smoothly, stealing is too boring, robert wanted to think, ask jon:"kidnapping a child to play?"

they were first spotted a pair of children, is ready to hand, one side of the mother the alert will be called the children to their side.however, when the mother turned to the check-out, both of them and to take away one of the children.thanks to the mother found in time, rushed to the child back.


then the two people and the goal as the boy is standing a butcher's shop, james bulger(james bulger).james's mother was invoicing, after zhang found that son was missing.

2, james bulger

robert and jon along the liverpool the canal with james.james can't find my mother began to cry, the two older children were repeatedly beaten and threaten him, trying to make him quiet.see two children under the age of 10 with a smaller children, l didn't think much of three all think this is a brother in the joke.

at the mall camera james was taken

there are two man finally attempts to put a stop to the beating of robert and jon, also have the roadside assistant suspicious.but the cunning killer, a fool, they eventually did not stop the two little devils.

go all the way, they came to the wharton town and found a quiet place, began to formal bloodshed, at the age of two, james.autopsy report showed that after james on a total of 42 lesions, skull fracture, 10 in the mouth and the anus has battery, eyes with paint.

james's death, both of them have their body on the tracks, james head into sleepers in the following a pebble, attempt to forge james died in the train rolled.on february 14, the police found the bodies, really been rolling into two.

a week later, the police charged the man was guilty of murder and kidnapping, announced details of a case, while the police first use the boy and the boy b instead of their names.but that case after people very angry, the police was robert and jon released some information.

robert thompson

but even so ferocious, or with minor escaped the heavy coat.november 1993 trial, the judge declared, in view of the two"evil and cruel", was a very shrewd and behavior"bad", the two men convicted of murder and kidnapping.

jon venables

because of britain's modern history youngest killer, for reasons of age, the judge sentenced to eight years in prison, they only a lifetime may not be returned to the area, a lifetime can not contact with each other, and should be inspected on a regular basis.after the verdict, the supreme court chief justice in person and increase the sentence to 10 years for two people.

when the local media and recruited 280000 people receive another petition.in the end, the two murderers sentence was increased to 15 years.

but in 1999, when the case is almost forgotten by the people, the two familiars will no chance to scourge of the world, surprising twist appeared.the european court of human rights that the two children had suffered unfair treatment, coupled with their good behavior in prison, the prison was cut back to eight years.

the parole hearing in 2001, expert in"identified two people will not pose a threat to the safety of the residents"as the reason, will be released from prison.in a controversy when, two people silently are protected, and the government gave their new identity, name and address, let them begin a new life.

at the time, the police asked who proposed killed james, jon said robert.after prison, however, compared with the principal robert, jon, let people believe that some of the evil is in his bones.

new identity let jon to do everything, because in real life, no one knows his past.in many times due to fight and carry drugs was summoned by the police, in 2010, has 27, jon told police that his identity revealed, is facing a serious threat to life.

suspected adult jon

his bail officer at the time of transfer to assist him and create a new identity, in his place, found that jon is eager to destroy a piece of hard disk.the drive, the remaining is the adult child rape video and images.

so jon and was sentenced to two years.prison, jon room is quite costly, equipped with a flat-screen tv, video games, and private gym, police told them to prevent his heart depression and suicide.

prison for jon equipped with video games and tv

for the practice of the british government, people's grievances are growing.first of all, this kind of person didn't want to turn over a new leaf, a teenager can be ruthless to cruelty to children, adults still abuses;second, compared with ordinary criminals, such by police to wash white criminals, ordinary people do not know where he is, who he is, can't guard against.

james's tombstone

however, in 2013, jon was smooth out of jail, the police and help him make a new identity.

james was killed after 24 years, jon have not changed, and was sent in.the police found more than 1000 copies in his computer not only child pornography, also found a book he wrote:pedophilia guide.

this time, is not only the public anger, even the other prisoners in the prison to see not bottom go to.some criminals got a cell phone, may be jon snapped photos, and after confirmation is himself an undo action.

disclosure petition

james's mother(denise fergus) through the petition on the government website, has attracted more than 120000 signatures.evaluate jon petition wants to see the government has to turn the new details and because there is no jon's performance over the past 15 years has no repentance.

james's mother

this year on february 12th, james is the 25th anniversary of the killing, british people began to pay close attention to the government in the next action.someone said that although the modus of robert sin no more, but he is essentially like jon terrible people.robert has marry and have children, and had no knowledge of his love for his past.

but poor james never experience it all, the end of his early life in the two hands of the devil.the two children's evil, to reduce the penalty with their age, with the protection of the government plans to continue debacle.the british legal system, is also a kind of ironic...

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