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on february 6, the middle of the night, there was a big earthquake in taiwan's hualien.7 in the morning, director of the taiwan affairs office of china and hualien county, fu 崐 broom emergency phone call and arats president chen call hualien county officials, highly concerned about the earthquake disaster, and offered to provide rescue teams, disaster relief assistance.on the same day, the red cross society of china decided to taiwan red cross organizations provide rmb 1 million of emergency aid.the taiwan straits, fujian, guangxi zhuang autonomous region has also donated 1 million yuan to hualien aspects respectively, help the affected compatriots through.

on february 6 taiwan earthquake.

"pro-japanese far land"by the dozen face

the surprise is that taiwan has rejected mainland china's rescue, choose japanese rescuers at the same time.in the face of questions from all walks of life, the mainland affairs council responded that"looking for the missing in the rubble after a disaster, the most advanced technology in japan".words just say that finish, there is a taiwan media, found that the japanese team to the disaster area to carry electromagnetic waves of life at detection device of the mainland procurement.the mainland related equipment is there, i do not know mac is a lie or don't know at all?

taiwan"selected day from"lu beaten face more than this time.there are still five in mainland tourists lost, the japanese rescue team choose out ahead of time, a total of less than 48 hours of the time stay in taiwan.withdrawal, the japanese rescue team said,"before when i was just going to provide life detector, not going to go into the inside", only in charge of"providing our equipment","brother teach you how to use"regardless of how to search and rescue, more don't let yourself into the disaster area.southeast tv hualien area in front of the reporters lin ye qing is revealed the japanese rescue team bemused.

hualien disaster search and rescue team captain liang asked the japanese"our players were not familiar with your instrument, do you have intend to go in with?"the japanese replied,"listen to introduce you to the inside is very dangerous, we won't go in!but we can teach you how to use"outside.after the dialogue, yeh told rescue captain"if our rescue team is coming, must be active to go in!"in front of the disaster, the choice to save more lives as the priority or rescuers completely safe as the priority, is the mainland and the essence of the japanese rescue team.

for rescue experience, associate professor, institute of international relations in the strong thought,"the disaster relief work of china now is very professional.in the case of rams, wenchuan, ya, pakistan, nepal, and other earthquake relief work have their figure, have already accumulated very rich experience."in strong associate professor mentioned rams, the collapsed building's emergency also participated in tainan two years ago, because only 8 years old to participate in the rescue, 61 hours of the little girl was trapped and widely admired.this can not help but make people doubt, why two years ago and qualifications to participate in disaster relief in taiwan, but two years later?probably is"technology"development too fast.

singapore lianhe zaobao regrets, cai authorities if there is wisdom in the first place to the mainland to taiwan for rescue, search and rescue teams may reduce the shame.the united daily news in taiwan also question, why let the japanese rescue team, don't let mainland search and rescue team?list, which killed more than half are chinese tourists to the mainland rescue team to save isn't it?"japan has advanced life detector", this is the reason?

on february 6 taiwan earthquake.

taiwan"relief of politics"

on february 8, hualien collapsed building site, the rescue workers nervous rescue them, but because tsai ing-wen, search and rescue, lined up to site inspections must stop.just because ms tsai to relief workers three words"hard", said the rescue stopped more than half an hour, taiwan media sigh with emotion,"to receive the heavyweight audience(tsai ing-wen), cause interference to disaster relief, far more serious than broke into the zone addicted people".

some people think more, lai in the first place to the command center, tsai ing-wen, the reaction is inherently slower, if not getting the chance to"show", people will only remember lai very seriously and don't know what ms tsai is doing.besides, lai in the two years ago"dengue to death","not into parliament"controversy, is just flip the polls in the face of disaster relief bright eye.in the case of lai poll above tsai ing-wen, such secretly fighting is not strange.

from the point of the performance, bared the tricks politicians in taiwan, mainland and taiwan refused to rescue team choose japanese rescue team, not only is"making the nonhuman"so simple, more can see who really see the taiwanese people as fellow:who is the first time wanting to save?who is full of political calculation?(super junior, taiwan research center in sichuan province)

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