thaksin shinawatra, foreign media appeared in china: friendly to china, china will not forget

"public opinion newspaper"and so on each big thai media on february 10, have revealed his letter and the photos, said is wanted in exile is the thai government and disappear for a long time, a former prime minister, and his brother and sister suddenly appeared on the streets of beijing, buy sugar fried chestnut in wangfujing.

at the same time, mr thaksin's daughter also in personal facebook posted letter have the spring festival in beijing as the background of the photo, he writes:"my dad send to thailand from beijing in advance all the brothers and sisters happy spring festival, all the best!is far apart, but always remember, don't know?"

news review:exiled former thai prime minister thaksin and the british pull suddenly appeared on the streets of beijing!will celebrate the spring festival in china

thai police spokesman pol gen weerachai songmetta on february 11, said authorities had no official announcement about her whereabouts.

he said, as long as she frequently in place, she's a warrant out(ie cannot to interpol, as interpol need to a confirmed address to any one individual to take action.

in his letter daughter posted two photo, thaksin shinawatra, a photo taken with chinese new year fuwa, high-profile famous landmark of the oriental plaza in beijing and the new year decorations as a souvenir, grinning, in high spirit.

, and he believed in beijing with box is also very clear, two people in the wangfujing walking street shopping, also buy sugar fried chestnut in the street.two people in a public place without any cover, looks very relaxed.according to a report in thailand's daily news reports, two people by machine to fly to beijing to visit a friend of the chinese lunar new year holiday, to spend the spring festival in china.

this message was excited to make a lot of chinese netizens.because of the pull and thaksin is thailand's fourth generation chinese-american hakka, more china guangdong and guangxi net friend says"welcome home", is very kind.also because of the pull and he believed in administration policy toward china is more friendly, and, as a"beauty"to the prime minister is circle powder are many, many netizens call"welcome", and wish them a happy spring festival.

he has been in exile since 2008, was a coup to step down, shortly after the trial he abuse their power to participate in the ratchadaphisek land deals in the process of escape from thailand.he was sentenced to two years in jail is absent.

but her in august 2017, the supreme court to her"rice"before"malfeasance"public judgment fled the country.thai authorities say the plan caused the loss of tens of billions of baht.then she was sentenced to five years in prison and face a huge compensation absence.

foreign media interpreted as a"brother thaksin took refuge in china"message, immediately aroused the concern of the public opinion at home and the chinese ministry of foreign affairs, foreign media patch, there is no response.

the british pull all 4 this thai passports by the thai government cancelled already, so it is possible that she now has applied for political asylum and received another foreign brother and sister duo appeared in the streets of beijing, also triggered speculation that the chinese government for its political asylum.

observers said mr thaksin in hong kong all the year round, she also appear in beijing, that may mean that the chinese diplomacy to try the new value idea."friendly to china, china will not forget".

source:siam birds

edit:chen hui

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