this place has been called china small africa but now its less and less


with the rapid economic development, more and more foreigners come to china to work and life.recently, foreign media reported specifically for foreigners living in china.

44 kalifa feika from africa sierra leone, four years ago, he came to china.he said:"if you want to vacation will go to the united states, if you want to make money is to come to china."now, kalifa live in guangzhou, as many people in africa and he came to china to find their"china dream".guangzhou bao han street, also known as"little africa".

in recent 20 years, people from african countries have flocked to china's fast-growing countries.about ten years ago, the number of africans in guangzhou reached its the bao han street, can see malian, congo people walking in the street.local senegalese community leaders moustapha dieng says:"you'll feel like you are in africa."

42, angolan antonio jose said:"i came to china to feel like a home."antonio is a furniture dealer, he has his office in the capital of angola, first time here this year.he said:"the attraction of guangzhou is goods here, if you want to cheap can be very cheap, if you want you can get your expensive products."

in recent days, he was addicted to shopping, met the same skin of people will say"hello", in the street, though different from african countries, but a lot of people can use the portuguese language communication.

in the"little africa"has a company called dengfeng hotel hotel, stay one night need 160 yuan, many people prefer living in angola here.hotel wall plastered with posters of the portuguese, can buy all kinds of goods on the first floor of the store.

the night, the hotel lobby, two angola's mother ameliade carvalho and catarina antonio sitting on the sofa, they each have four children.they said that the room is full, is waiting for someone can check-in check-out.44, carvalho said, in 2009 she was the first time i come here to buy clothes and shoes very have a headache, and she said:"i didn't even know how to english, don't speak chinese.""but then i slowly began to learn, i really like china."

of course, not all africans to come to china is a businessman, also a lot of people just want to live.the 38-year-old congolese refugees anselme khandi mabiala fled to china, now has a 14-month-old son.

he said:"i thank the asian countries, but the cost of living and racial prejudice is the biggest problem i faced."

in recent years, with strict for overdue personnel management, local african population is declining.arrived in 2003 dieng says that over the past decade the number of senegalese cut in half.mali and the community as well.he joked:"before the african city, now should call african village."

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