kurdish armed soldiers announced publicly in the mediation agreement with syria the army under the careful

on january 20,"olive branch"launched, many eat the melon really exciting a of the crowd spread:turkey to help with bashar opposition!see those comments at that time, really heart, you don't know at that time, the syrian government of turkey's military action is terrified, far more than the kurdish militants.

before action initiated, syria has threatened to turkish jets shot down over syria's activities, of course, this is just a threat, in the face of nato's third largest air power, let alone weak of syrian air force, even if in syria russian troops are unlikely to do.but shortly thereafter, a turkish reconnaissance team into the southern aleppo, immediately have been stationed here in syria elite republican guard hard hit the 30th division:once the turkish occupation of aleppo, control half syria!

now, the latest situation is that, the kurdish militants have reached an agreement with russia of woodland area, is expected to take over the syrian government forces, dozens of villages and towns in southern forest region and a military base, the current government forces two battalions of the fifth army forces have entered, lin move up in the south.in exchange, a large number of armed kurdish from man than season, the team by the syrian government forces control area in the north of aleppo to enter, forest areas.

on the other hand, syria's kurdish armed start general mobilization, 16 above, both men and women have to join the army or take part in the logistics, universal, fiercely against the turkish army, especially its vassal free syrian army, liberty or give me death!

free syrian army was not so much the minions of turkey, turkey has always been rather shelter terrorists, already from the original, the main force against the syrian government forces become thugs, turkey after the"olive branch"launch, free syrian army made a series of war crimes, including dismember armed kurdish women bodies of video, more outrage, not only the international community at its crime, also let the kurds more together.

the turkish army military action in syria has been going on for about 20 days, but struggling, kurdish armed resistance, both to damage, now, in other parts of the kurdish fighters also aggressively to mobilize in northern syria, even in russia, syria, mediated by armed with kurdish formed a fragile alliance, the turkish army under orders from mr erdogan's big push into syria, and probably end up shooting yourself in the foot, or even trigger a new round of domestic campaign against mr erdogan and mr erdogan purges after the attempted coup in ankara, don't let all of turkey's secular power yield under scotched.

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