the fate of the samsung prince ye probation park geun-hye where to go?

is a known one bribe, a still languished in the prison, an already out of the prison.this is south korea's president, and samsung leaders between different fate.this is reflected in south korea who is the most powerful people, you know, not the president, but the president of the samsung.

lee jae-yong will appeal the decision of trial, after the appeal court commuted.five years in prison to two and a half years, and suspended for four years.this means that at least in the next four years, he can calmly deal with samsung's affairs.

we also know that this two and a half years will gradually wear out in the next four years.

the court ruled that because of his money into the donation is not bribery, thus reducing the alibi.

of course this is only a surface phenomenon, its internal causes or samsung powerful in the political, economic, cultural and other accounted for one 5 of south korea's gdp, not only absorbed the best people in south korea, and can influence in every field.

on the legal relationship of it, is south korea's judicial independence, but people are not independent, anyone has his social relations and social in the face of the attacks by samsung, always want to make a compromise.

there is a social cause, south korea to develop economy, cannot let samsung to fall.enterprise too big to fail, in front of the samsung here is the most appropriate, if samsung fell, on the south korean economy is a big disaster, no one can take, and the president cannot bear, as a result, the court's decision, have to consider this important factor, it is not just a political influence judicial, but need to take into account the country's economic situation.

i think samsung prince ye lee jae-yong released ahead of time, the park geun-hye, a former president, was mixed.

happy is mitigate the briber, beneficiaries as victims, park geun-hye's guilt may also reduce, if continue to trial, she may also be a commutation of their sentences, is one of her main charges for bribery.

sorrow, whether in or out, she is lost to south korea's largest companies, park geun-hye is a stronger person, this failure is a painful thing for her.

no matter ending is happy is sorrow, see now, the fate of mr lee is a foregone conclusion, can continue to when the big mac the owners of the enterprise, and the fate of the park geun-hye is unknown, through the struggle between the two families, and likely to continue.

park geun-hye president park chung-hee, a father was sent to prison, the founder of the samsung brilliant meet park chung-hee, offered hope help for national economic development, open the south korean national dominated the situation of market economy, achievement for a long history of south korea's economic take-off, but also on the history of south korea's the so-called jiangshan turning, lee jae-yong, and park geun-hye again produced collusion.if is to get the win-win between brilliant piaozheng day, so it can be said to be the park geun-hye shellacking.

park geun-hye like feng youlan's book, she wrote a book to exercise my despair, now samsung prince ye have welcomed a new life, and she is still in prison.her face is desperate, it is abandoned, is helpless, all is lost.can't expect her to stage a comeback, but everyone is waiting for and what was his fate?now her status is not willing to cooperate with, do not wish to trial.and this kind of quiet and passive coping, what will bring her fate, we don't know.

the fate of the south korean presidents are is not only a park geun-hye, lee myung-bak, is faced with the risk of imprisonment.park geun-hye's father was roh's suicide, kim is being investigated after retirement.

when the president of this country end?some say this is feng shui problems, so the yin, the president decided to move out of the blue house, from presidential palace new presidential palace is being built at present.

but south korea's president, the real cause or the result of collusion between the fate, hope in yin's president, wen can out of this vicious cycle.

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