horse generation enmity with india: this time, india will intercede malaysian mess?

on february 8, a soldier standing guard in front of the maldives, the presidential palace.visual figure in china

recent political unrest in south island of maldives president yaming on february 5th declared a state of emergency, and immediately arrested the opposition coalition leaders gayoom, two supreme court judges, and a head of the justice department.

most observers will be in the maldives blame for the mess of the country's internal power struggle, is the root cause of the conflict in malaysia the current government's performance didn't meet people's expectations, leading to the crisis of the maldives domestic political mechanism.on february 6, the maldives's exiled former president nasheed(currently in sri lanka) on twitter issued a"request india sent envoys to the maldives, supported by the indian military is urging the government to release the arrest of the judge and others"tweets, from a side show, he hopes to depend on india's military, to return to the determination of malaysian politics.

about the development of the maldives the uprising, many media reports have made, this article is no longer here.i want to discuss here is:the importance of the maldives to india how?india what means can intervene in the malaysian internal struggle?india will not send troops stationed in the maldives?

india had invaded guo-ping ma disorderly

in november 1988, a the maldives government opponents from sri lanka all assembled a"people's liberation organization"tamil ilan, penetrating into the maldives capital horse tired, trying to topple the malaysian government.they once occupied the male airport and some government departments building, but failed to grasp, then the maldives president gayoom.gayoom hence to india for help, india's then prime minister rajiv gandhi, sent 1600 soldiers, airborne horse tired, quickly defeated the rebels, control of the situation.

outside calls the incident an attempted military coup, but the maldives government insists that it is a foreign terrorist attacks.however, in india the code-named"cactus"action not only make the malaysian government very grateful, also received including the united states, britain, the soviet union, with the support of the south asian neighboring countries.after all, for the maldives in the indian ocean with a population of just 400000 islands countries, border defense is too limited, those who take refuge in regional power in order to realize the guarantee of national security is an obvious choice.

india had his backyard for neighboring countries in the indian ocean, sending troops to help neighboring counter-insurgency just demonstrated the strength of the vast country.since then, the friendly relations between india and the maldives in the honeymoon, india not only won the malaysian large infrastructure construction project, but also in medical and health care, military facilities, human resources for the maldives offers many funding.print horse on security defense cooperation between the two countries are very close, the maldives will not only national coast radar system links to india's radar network, provides two permanent for the indian military helicopter base, and allow the indian coast guard not regularly to assist malaysian waters patrol.

the maldives, the change of attitude toward india

over the years, it is because of the maldives reliance on funding from india and defense, making india produced a laurels.the indian media and political leaders talked about the maldives transaction, were involuntarily belt out a few minutes of"big brother"tone.even the horse domestic reports, the indian media has often to"just a tiny, tiny nation)"word generation refers to the maldives.for regime change in the maldives in recent years, india's politicians often outspoken comments, even openly said that in his country so-and-so regime fell, india should maintain their own interests, direct intervention and control the situation in the maldives.

attention to maldivian elite indian media gradually for india to manipulation of the malaysian political boredom, the sentiment privately complain that rising gradually from the beginning to the public showing in the local language media and blog.2014 years later, the maldives scholars began to in the english media, and even direct attack on india on malaysia's official media ignored the dignity of the sovereign state, repeatedly blocked malaysian cooperation between the government and other countries.

print horse relations started to appear large landslide events, is from an indian company at the end of 2012 the maldives government withdraw the capital horse tired airport early 2012, the then president of the maldives, mohamed nasheed resignation because of domestic political unrest, president replaced by his deputy hassan.november, the government unilaterally declared, hassan termination nasheed of gmr group with india on the male international airport management contracts signed, said the contract there are loopholes in the process of negotiation.

gmr group with nasheed government signed in 2011, the management contract worth more than$500 million, for 25 years.the maldives government to cancel the contract unilaterally, making india"shock", the indian government then retaliatory ended a$25 million in aid to the horse, the indian press on the"china factor"behind the speculation events, claims that"the incident to india in south asia the tarnished, indirect for india's leadership in the region, at the same time lead to loss of strategic advantage in the indian ocean in india", some people say they"india should send troops stationed in the maldives, to foster a responsible for india's interests regime."

the maldives anti-india sentiment

in 2013, yaming, after he became president of the maldives, the foreign policy of gradually from an excessive reliance on india to an independent foreign direction transfer balance.malaysia has signed a few large infrastructure projects with china, india's discontent with the increasingly and accused the malaysian government for china's investment at the expense of india's interests.

some of the more sober scholars argue that india should review the foreign policy of the government of india's neighbours, and should not blame the maldives government for independent choice of national interests.india's domestic political turmoil in nepal, sri lanka, has tried to step in the country's internal affairs, or even the use of economic sanctions, tried to change the government's decision.india's this neighbourhood policy without exception, subjected to rebound from neighbouring countries, make these countries have different levels of anti-india sentiment, in the long run, india's neighbours is a failed policy intervention policy.

at the same time, the maldives media will no longer hide at home to india's the end of 2017, the maldives in the media appear a series of articles, outspoken attack india surprise people in india.despite some articles but was malaysian media for the indian government protests from the official website, but the main point is still spreading on the internet.

, for example, in an article entitled"india is not a good friend, but the enemy"of the article, the author lists"india selfish, jealousy, hate to see the several reasons of the maldives,"including, india's other small see may not be within the sphere of influence in the indian ocean on the development road of richer and better than india;some indian dignitaries without cover claims"indian troops should be sent to change the maldives regime".the maldives is a muslim country, and the loyalty of muslim friendly is not currently india's national policy;and so on.

india will send troops

the maldives will be held in the second half of 2018 the presidential election, in fact, this is due to the political turmoil of the ruling yaming government worry about losing the support of the majority in the congress and the election and take preventive measures.although there is no lack of domestic screamed intervene with malaysian mess appeal, although the exiled president nasheed sent a twitter request, but at least for now, india's invasion is unlikely.

in the first place, the maldives civil strife is malaysia's internal affairs, outside intervention for nothing.although india in 1988 had a precedent in the maldives, but the accident for help is malaysian when president, rather than the exiled opposition figures.and india won the support of the international community at the time, and this time is difficult to get the other big powers.

second, india ever intervene with sri lanka's civil war, but left thankless reputation of both sides.the sri lankan government doubt the indian army private selling weapons to the rebels, the rebel tamil was think india elbow outward, failed to support the hindu tamil the end, the tamils assassination of prime minister rajiv gandhi had ordered troops become the outcome of the indians did not dream of.

of course, the unrest in the maldives is not over, under a state of emergency for a period of 15 days, and the subsequent period, it is difficult to predict how things will direction., it is said that the indians living and working in the maldives has more than 30000, almost equivalent to one over ten of the maldives resident population, and, most of them concentrated in the capital city of male.the indian foreign ministry issued a notice to remind indians in the maldives, pay attention to personal safety.the maldives government also issued a state of emergency in to pledge, guarantee in the foreigner's normal life.

(the author is a freelance writer, south asia and southeast asia watchers)

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