mr putin the coronal one anger consequences is very serious

recently, russia sue-25 pilots romain andrey filipov killed in syria.according to russian media, video shows andrey filipov after skydiving once exchanged fire with the terrorists, but because outnumbered, finally sounded grenades being held.

novy vzglyad said,"after the ejected, romain andrey filipov major landing near the terrorists control of settlement, until the end of the life of the last few minutes, he still gun fighting terrorists.after terrorists encirclement shrunk to dozens of meters, badly wounded andrey filipov major sounded the grenades, died already."

russian people and media are andrey filipov was the last sentence"in order to brothers!", inspired by president vladimir putin signed an order, a posthumous andrey filipov russia's highest honor title-"russian hero".

look for andrey filipov remains in the process, the president of turkey, recep tayyip erdogan has given great help.

andrey filipov killed by site indirectly controlled by turkey, recep tayyip erdogan, through its intelligence officials in the area between the armed forces of different contact each other, seek to andrey filipov's addition, with andrey filipov body back to russia, also some sue 25 aircraft wreckage of being shot down.

this is not the first time in turkey to help russia looking for bodies in the 2015, when the russian sue-24 pilot admire what he sue 24 jets in syria after being shot down, the body also is under the mediation of the turkish government, from the hand of the militants.

changan avenue governor app found that relations with russia, turkey, around the syrian civil strife in recent years has several big turning september 2015, since russia's war in syria,"suffer"at a time, were foreign media as"cheat"behind the turkey.

mentioned above 2015, krakow, turkey to help find what killed the pilot's body.but are driving fighters shot down her what he is turkey to support the syrian rebels, this makes the relations between the two countries once the soil hardening.

break came the following year in july 2016, the turkish military coup attempt, mr erdogan's government abandoned the regime of western"trust", the russian rescue of soil, so as to make the warming relations between the two countries.since then, turkey's foreign policy also began to tend to russia.

but the contradiction of the soil on the syrian issue between the two countries,"mr assad future", has been unable to effectively solve.russia will bashar al-assad government as its key ally in the middle east as well as the important partner of the fight against terrorism;earthwork wanted to establish a buffer and reconstruction of discourse for syria, and will protect anti-government armed forces overseas.

at the end of 2016, russia's ambassador to turkey karl rove was shot during a art activities, died.shooter on the shooting after karl rove said:"don't forget to aleppo, don't forget to syria."turkish interior minister after confirmed that the killer was ankara riot police forces.

russian president vladimir putin be reached for comment, the killing of russia's ambassador to turkey is despicable behavior, there is no doubt that a crime, is also a normal relationship intention to interrupt the russian soil and syria provocations, the peace process.putin said the provocative response is only one, namely, to strengthen the fight against terrorism."the gang will take the consequences.

the russian pilot killed in syria again.election nears, in the face of the russian people's anger, mr putin will also take a series of strikes against the terrorists.andrey filipov sacrifice on the same day, the kremlin said at once, in response to shoot down sue-25 events, russia's arrogance to destroy the terrorists have taken decisive action.

the russian department of defense news release, the russian side to confirm shot down the aircraft portable air defense missile launch since terrorists control hadley bligh province area.subsequently, russia's ambassador to syria's troops to the region to implement precision, according to the radio listening, more than 30 militants were killed.

for military operations in russia, turkey, how to deal with russia and syria anti-government armed forces, will be a test of mr erdogan's government.

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