time is not enough?the imperial family this is the rhythm of breaking an engagement


the author:jiang feng

as the saying goes,"don't worry about the emperor's daughter is married.but just on february 6th, the day i suddenly in a statement, the chamber of the emperor akihito long japan's gongwenren granddaughter, two late autumn's eldest daughter princess was held on november 4, this year's wedding, because time is not enough, no time to prepare, decided to have postponed until after 2020.

didn't have enough time?too late to prepare?this reason is some sound too far-fetched.and japan netizens have said, it's the rhythm of the princess this is breaking an engagement.

true son i also issued a statement saying that was on the premise of marriage, but was exposed by the media to get married in the near future, hence two people decided to end ambiguity, just to get married.but, after received all blessings and began to prepare for, and think that some hasty marriage, in general, are we not mature enough, this time we will have a good reflection, the emperor and empress your majesty is also very respect our delay marriage decision.

eyes watching will be held on march 4th by male under the direction of her dowry instrument of"mining".announced in this crucial time delay marriage, it's really hard not to imagine that his son-in-law, also is the true son of fiance small room, the home of the scandals.in december 2017, the japanese weekly magazine sent an article come gossip.a small room, the father was a civil servants in yokohama.his mother to my son to elite education, do not hesitate to and her husband separated, with that rent a house near the son attended primary school.later the little room, the father in the home very close to a river to commit suicide, is the first found that small room better generation and a small room.in not long after his father's suicide, small room, the grandfather had also committed suicide.

although her husband committed suicide after small room better for get a sum of insurance money, single-parent families, however, still work in pastry shop, small room of the house of life is predictably financially.but small room better generation son to develop into"elite", read the private schools, sent to study abroad.without money, borrowed from her boyfriend.

in the process of interaction, from small room better generation after another boyfriend received more than 430 yen.although the boyfriend frequented small room, but, according to his little room of mother and daughter a group photo, never take him.boyfriend wanted to get it back after a break up of more than 430"loan", but the small room is better generation insisted"grants", do not need to return.

this gossip report guidance is very clear, said a small room, i'm afraid have family mental disease, 2 it is said that little room better generation son deliberately takes elite course, have the destination to close to the true princess.after reported, the small room better generation house of japan's princess also went to the autumn.

now or ordinary clerk, no car no room of small room, the pass to marry the princess can really change their fortunes?according to japan's imperial family stipulated in article 12, the royal women if married civilians, must take the initiative to abandon the royal status.this in japanese called"marry", is actually"marry"in chinese.but japan's"marry"the princess has a fat dowry-"get married at that time the king".in recent years one hundred, japan has six"marry"the princess.eldest daughter of emperor akihito, japanese royal princess royal qing son married in 2005, got the dowry of 152.5 million yen.this, of course, in our chinese netizens might not seem to be any, also deep ordinary north section of a set of small family model, the price of not cars.

the true princess wedding date to extend, on japanese businesses and iha has many influence.japan's sankei business magazine has been estimated that if the true princess wedding in november this year, so there will be at least 10000 to 20000 couples will imitate the royal wedding to arrange their own wedding.from the ceremony, honeymoon trip, the location of the new house and furniture to buy are included, the resulting economic effect is expected to reach 50 billion yen to 100 billion yen.when he got married, such as the crown prince and masako masako car toyota corolla ⅱ sales soared in the short term.again princess sayako wedding such as the daughter of emperor akihito when wear the pearl necklace, then the heat of the pearl necklace is suddenly rise.

now japanese businessmen just stand empty, the iha fell into the embattled position, people are against the iha"dereliction of duty", the real princess before engagement without careful investigation little room, the background of life, not give a true princess reasonable suggestions, etc.

we civilians in detail and the princess of love, will also continue to pay attention to the marriage of the final direction.

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