to count the submarine accident unfortunately china among the crew were killed


said to submarine accidents, one of the most famous is"the kursk nuclear submarine sinking in russia.

on august 12, 2000, russia"the kursk submarine in the barents hna row down the sink, 118 officers and soldiers on board.the strategic missile submarines can carry 24 nuclear ballistic missiles, built in 1994, in 1995, serving as one of the most modern ships in the russian navy.after the disaster, the world shocked.and the sinking of the kursk submarine reason has always been a puzzle puzzle, speculation emerge in endlessly.until february 18, 2013, russia announced that the nuclear submarine sank because of officers and soldiers irregularities and yachts yachts torpedo used fuel is too unstable, started a fire.

in the former soviet union have occurred many times nuclear accident, including the three most serious.

the first soviet nuclear submarine in the direction of the accident is"november"class k-627-a type eight submarines, april 8, 1970 the submarine in the return of the"ocean"exercise way, sinking in the bay of biscay.the third tank and eighth tank caught fire at the same time.submarine float to the surface, but the crew are still unable to put the fire out.submarine reactor emergency device is opened, the power unit of the out of control.auxiliary diesel generator cannot be started.the submarine sank to the depths of the underwater 4680 m.killed 52 people(including coxswain).

the graph is:the former soviet union-8 k nuclear submarine

in october 1986, the strategic nuclear submarine k-219(667 type a yankee level) in the north atlantic bermuda sink, a missile tube after the explosion, a ballistic missiles flew on the deck.fourth tank explosion(missile compartment) leakage.produced by missile fuel steam and smoke began to pour out burst missile tube.when the explosion occurred, submarine only about one out of two reactors in operation.submarine surfaced after another reactor started.despite the fact that water has started to enter shell, but the fourth class or fire.short circuit of the electric system lead to the submarine jumped an emergency the process of trying to hold down the control rods one person was killed.submarine still floating on the sea, but with sea water pouring into the main box ups and downs, its buoyancy decreases.the second reactor was destroyed, the crew had been transferred to a fishing boat.the captain and nine crew still remain in the control tower, but when the ship bow started sinking, they were forced to give up the submarine.on october 6, 3 points by 11 submarine sank, killing four people.missile tube explosion reason is unknown.

in april 1989,"the communist youth league"k-278 nuclear submarines(685 mike) after a fire in the norwegian sea sank."the communist youth league"is the only can dive 1000 meters of titanium shell submarine.on april 7, 1989 morning, the submarine was is located in the south, about 180 km away from bear island 160 metres deep.due to the seventh tank fire, the alarm rings.after the fire, submarine makes the electrical system, however, appeared a short circuit, leading to the reactor explosion emergency system.submarine lost power, finally run out of the compressed air.after the submarine loses buoyancy and stability.crew began to retreat to the raft, but there was no enough life raft.due to lowered the raft is too far away from crew that they couldn't close to.after nearly ten hours, submarine sank to the depths of 1685 meters, causes, including the commander of the boat, 42 crew were killed.

america has too much on submarine accidents.on april 10, 1963, diving in the united states nuclear submarine thresher sharks' ssn-593 sank, killing all 129 people on board.

at the time of the thresher is the navy's most advanced nuclear submarines.nuclear submarines in the 2600 meters from the seabed test, suddenly lost power, began to sink.rescue boat received message is:nuclear submarines to accelerate the this time, the problem of nuclear submarine to counter sinking, to save, including water out of the water ballast tank, in order to increase buoyancy.then, nuclear submarine began using standby conventional battery power system.coxswain wants to save a nuclear submarine, and all the lives of 129 people.however, everything all too late!standby conventional battery power system cannot play a role, maximum speed to section 5.nuclear submarine sink began to accelerate.with the depth of the nuclear submarine sank under pressure limit, can withstand more than 50 megabytes of mpa pressure hy-80 special steel hull finally cracked by relentless water pressure.the water influx, the personnel were killed.more importantly, great pressure also set off a nuclear submarine diesel, the submarine was blown to pieces.

on may 22, 1968, the nuclear submarine voyage"scorpion"ssn-589 to southwest four hundred kilometers, the azores sinking due to accident, 99 crew died, the submarine in the history of a huge, what causes the superior nuclear submarine miserable disaster?the crew sent at the end of the distress signal may be uncovered:the real reason for"scorpion"sinking"and alien spacecraft violent confrontation, causing casualties...".arrived and the data shows, in the subsequent search and rescue ships also encountered a ufo and uso(ufo), the"scorpion"debris still lay quietly in the atlantic ocean nearly 10000 feet above the sandy bottom, yachts with nuclear missiles.

china has encountered submarine accidents, and the chinese navy is by far the most serious accident.

on april 16, 2003, qingdao institute of navy submarine 13 students 12 teams over the north sea fleet submarine training at sea, 361 return to rise, while starting diesel host for failing to open the inlet valve at the top of the podium, cause the host suction empty air in the submarine, and 1-7 capsule under the negative pressure can't quickly open the hatch cover, 70 crew all suffocate sacrifice.

after the relevant personnel of of all kinds of instruments data are analyzed, and almost certainly happened:on april 16, 2003, on his return to qingdao, weihai base on the boat for submarine recharging the batteries.according to the procedure, charge is to start the diesel generator, the generator is started to burn a lot of oxygen, so the submarine to float to near the sea, will be at the top of the podium periscope and inlet valve the inhalation of air into the sea.but the survey found, diesel generator is started, due to mechanical failure and inlet valve is opened, diesel engine starts pumping in oxygen combustion boat.relevant data show that the gas oxygen content within the boat in less than two minutes fell to zero.since the 361 submarines in"silent"training, cut off all contact with the outside the telecommunications, therefore the outside world no one can timely find out of the accident.according to the program, however, the hatch covers are closed at the time, because of internal oxygen by suction light, air pressure imbalance, 1 to 7 tanks under negative pressure, the hatch cover is can't be opened from inside, so even if the officers and soldiers trying to escape is impossible.

finally had to mention to 2013, the indian submarine accident is also the only heavy large submarine accidents in recent years.

night of august 14, 2013, the"rosa"class at the port of mumbai(nato says","class) a series of explosions on board.then the submarine cabin fire, submarine parts sink, 18 sailors.

according to the navy sources said that after the submarine explosion is the main reason of the error when loading the boat crew"club"missile cause a short-circuit.then two other missiles were launched, a missile to destroy the dock wall, another explosion inside the submarine, internal water in submarines, cause a submarine sank...

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