extremely rare!!!american raids china home we have to thumb up!


air strikes"etim"!

"anti-china militants in afghanistan strike", 8(reuters)-said the nato action mission in afghanistan, said u.s.troops in afghanistan has air strikes in afghanistan and the chinese border region, the target from the air, including the taliban militants and terrorist organizations"east turkistan islamic movement"(hereinafter referred to as"etim").

the national strategic research institute, tsinghua university researcher fabolous 8 accept inside(id:huanqiu-com) said in an interview, nato and the united states announced a high-profile fight like this"etim"are less common, from this time, showed more aggressively on counter-terrorism cooperation with china.

reuters, said the nato-led afghanistan mission, 8 in a public material, said u.s.troops in afghanistan's northeastern provinces bada hector's airstrikes, destroyed many taliban training camp, and near the afghan border with china, tajikistan"etim"goal."the action by the united states to support afghanistan, let the country's neighbours, afghan border is not the implementation of the terrorist attacks of refuge".

reuters, said the united states, britain and the united nations has"etim"included in the list of terrorist organizations.mission do specify tasks, not just the attack did not announce casualties, but when it comes to"etim"involved in china and outside china attacks, including by bomb attacks in the united states embassy in kyrgyzstan in 2002."they poses a security threat to china, and get the sparda hector's district and the border region of taliban militants support".reuters says that china has been calling for the west and its cooperation against"etim", the relevant action or would allow china to feel satisfied.

the army times 7 report had noticed"in the border, the american air strikes will be expanded to afghanistan,"., the report said u.s.forces to carry out this round of air strikes is to defeat the taliban training facilities and support network.nato operations in afghanistan said in a statement, mission 6, 96 hours in the past, the u.s.military to carry out air strikes against the taliban in northern adon sparda hector in training facilities.operation, the b-52 strategic bombers to the taliban launched 24 precision-guided missiles.air strikes on afghanistan near the border with china, tajikistan.

the b-52 strategic bombers

the army times said, after reports that china or help the afghan border with china in the region to establish a new military base.it is not clear that china to afghanistan security concerns whether promoted the american the strike.

hong kong asia times website 8, according to the pentagon believes there is space cooperation with china to crack down on militants in afghanistan.reported that the u.s.assistant secretary of defense for asia and the pacific affairs shriver 6 answered the democratic senator from kuhn about whether china can be constructive and cooperative partner in afghanistan.shriver says that china in the anti-terrorism front has the potential to be the partner.within the territory of china is also worried about terrorism, worried about other terrorist infiltration and terrorists have a contact in china.although the history of the definition of terrorist differences, but also the stability of afghanistan in china's interest.shriver, argues that the discussion and debate in china and the united states, how to promote cooperation and to ensure that china play a constructive role in afghanistan's only a matter of the schedule.

fabolous argues that america's military action shows a positive attitude.as is known to all,"etim"is serious damage to national security and national unity and stable terrorist organization, is also in the international society of terrorist groups, they put the places such as afghanistan as a gathering place for a long time.china has always been opposed to all kinds of violent terrorist activities in afghanistan, also hope that in the maintenance of peace and stability in afghanistan, nato has played a positive role to help rebuild afghanistan issues.china in recent years through bilateral and trilateral cooperation mechanism, china and the united states and the bric cooperation mechanism and the sco, take an active part in afghanistan's peace and reconstruction.this is a good start, there will be more cooperation in the future space.fighting in afghanistan, including"etim"militants, all kinds of terrorists, in china's interest, and interest from all over the world in the long run is in the united states.

the pen:soda li sikun zhen-zhen xu

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