i care expert fields be despised not breakfast after the president know can freely in and out of the presidential palace


in 1962, china's aid to african countries in mali, we aid agricultural experts working in rural mali mali.

our country sent to the four agricultural experts not only skillful in mali, and respect the local customs, life is not special, just enjoy and being treated like the african country of mali technicians at the same level.

at the beginning of the mali independence, the former french colonial authorities of agricultural technology personnel and administrative personnel are also.

account headlines today"motherland history", experts in western countries such as france with his wife and children live in villa equipped with air conditioning, on time to and from work, and life is very comfortable.they sometimes come to the field, but that is a sitting car.out of the car to the farmers working in the fields of the gesture after replacement, which drove the car away again.

our farmers specialists in africa, live in the house without air conditioning, poor equipment, not only working with farmers in mali, also often chat together.

but on the other hand, it is because of chinese experts and what they see is not the same as the western experts, thus causing a few misunderstandings of chinese experts say chinese experts are so willing to endure hardship, because can't find a job at home, is to mali to get food to eat.

once, just arrive home soon, our experts are arranged in a two floors of the small hotel to live, no air conditioning.account headlines today"motherland history", cooking for our experts and the service is a more than 50 years old cook, he used to be served french for a long time.

the old cook to see we don't live villas and small hotel, and it is two people live a room, also like farmers sweat out working in the fields, came back from work from the ground covered in mud from his legs, so that we are not the boss, the locals called the leader and head of commander-in-chief"boss"at that time).

the old man think the boss is never fields, only the following people working in the fields, and his attitude is less enthusiasm, service is more careless.one day at the breakfast, light for coffee is not for bread.

experts did not insist, only drink a cup of coffee and working cultivator.due to dry is a physical strength live, close to noon, scorching sun, when you feel hungry dizzy, little strength also have no, only sitting on the side of the car behind, a small piece of shady and cool place to rest, by the body to block the sun until noon after lunch to feel strength was restored.

after the leadership reported the situation to the embassy, the embassy led to experts in rural life is very concerned about, let the embassy immediately cook for us to do a big barrel of walnut cake, with eat later.

one day mali secretary of agriculture to the county to expert inspection work, and go to a small hotel we stayed experts to visit.old cook see sitting car from the capital to the minister came to the small hotel to visit, the two chinese, he just know originally we both chinese, not"thinks", also should belong to the boss.after this, he not only seriously cook for us, and every time we came back from work from the ground, he is happy with enthusiastic service.

the headline"history"of the motherland think today, it is because of the chinese experts working attitude, they not only set a good image in public, government officials is also very respect china experts in mali.mali president keita has made a special provisions, chinese experts can literally in and out of the presidential palace.

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