why iraq will suddenly give up china vt battle tanks sub-purchaser russia t?why be

the iraqi tanks base(mostly discarded)

on february 6, according to a russian military websites iraq, local media reported the iraqis newspaper in iraq armored division 9 aerial base within the satellite image shows, the base has more than 80 m1a1 tank inside, but we can't start the these tanks basic, are all battle damage or malfunction.all these tanks parked inside the base for more than 3 months.

and iraqi government forces have already lost more than 60 m1a1 tank, this is completely useless 60, including by militants with the red arrow-8 anti-tank missiles directly destroyed.and base inside most of the m1 tanks are theoretically can repair, but due to the united states has been slow to repair, and does not provide complete logistics, just able to repair itself iraqi tanks overhaul factory capacity type 69 tank the last century technology, iraqi armoured division can only be open tanks parked inside the base.

the iraqi tanks are so lost...

the current iraqi received american m1a1 main battle tanks, 152, the m1a1 main battle tank is iraq signed in 2008, a total of$216 million.at the same time when the united states in 2011 and sold 140 type m1a1 main battle tank in iraq, and iraq in 2013 also won 6 additional supplement battle damage m1a1m tank.the current iraqi armoured division is equipped with 9 m1a1m is the army fighting capacity, powerful forces in iraq.iraqi armoured division 9 because there is no current repair caused serious lose, basic determine a division 80 tanks fault or battle damage, this division basic have no fighting capacity to decide.

as iraq order t-90 tanks had just arrived in iraq, so why not buy that the us this time?the economy is on the one hand, on the other hand is to be able iraq policy, on weapons and equipment cannot be at the mercy of the united states.

t-90 main battle tanks arrived in iraq

t-90 main battle tanks arrived in iraq

as after-sale problems, iraq chose new tanks again chose not to the united states, in 2015 signed a$2.5 billion deal with china, including the popular at that time this order of the red flag-9 anti-aircraft missiles and vt-4 main battle tanks, this is called"big of the century".the main-but this order was not american, but russia!through the first payment after delivery, because russia in advance in the production of a large number of t-90 main battle tanks, their troops with equipment directly sent to iraq.1 year 27, 2018, the first batch of russian t-90 main battle tanks arrived in iraq.this is iraq receives the first batch of t-90 tanks, and along with the ammunition, repair tank car arrived together.iraq to russia purchased a total of 158 t-90 main battle tanks.

and russia from china take the largest single purpose is very simple, russia is very clear, in the tank industry in china is not inferior to russia, and in some ways has completely beyond.at present, the development of weapons in the world in the three main factors are recognized as tanks, fire control, mobility and protective ability, the first is the fire control system, the decision tanks can be knocked out an enemy tank in the first round.because only fast aim, fire can decide the outcome.if unable to accurately determine the goal, set its need of fire parameters, again good mobility, protection, can only be disorderly bump on the battlefield.

china vt-4 main battle tank

and reference the vt-4 main battle tanks, already installed command automatic tracking fire control system, and through the see vt-4 main battle tanks and russian tanks distinction, you can easily see the advantage of chinese vt-4 tanks.and advantages of the fire control system for russia to see the fear, although china finally didn't win the iraqi tanks large order, but in the end china vt-4 tanks or with good performance, won the thai orders, are currently being tested for at least three countries.more is not within the scope of the russian and the future market.

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